Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunny days and Warm Breezy nights ~

I love Sunny days and warm breezy nights ~ ahhhh ~

We have had sooo much rain here ~ everything is wet, but wait ~ I think I see something

YES ~ yes it is ~ SUNSHINE ;-)

Even my daughter is loving it ~ although the pool isn't open yet ~

I wish you all a FAB-U-LOUS day.....

Wherever you are, no matter what you are doing, look up ~ you're not forgotten

(((Hugs))) xo



  1. It was sunny and 25 here today. The nicest day so far and so wonderful to see the sun shining. Glad you got to see it too. We have another one tomorrow too. Enjoy! Blessings, Pamela

  2. The weather has been a bit strange here, it will be raining here starting Wednesday and all through the weekend and my poor son's birthday is Sunday... :( lol, have a delightful weekend my dear friend! Xoxoxo

  3. we to have had rain rain rain and then 80's to 90's hot, strange but the bugs are out in force making it hard to work in the garden. So we are enjoying the porch on those hot days. your garden looks wonderful.

  4. How blessed you are to have rain! Think ya could send some down our way? ;0)

  5. We haven't had sun and I am in California. I was thinking that I need to be out in the sun soon.
    Well, maybe in June. :)

  6. It was 98 degrees here today, so hot and humid. Days like this I enjoy staying inside. Enjoy your wonderful warm sunny days!


  7. Oh, we have had plenty of sun...we'll take some of your wet!! :-) 100+ days the rest of this week...not looking forward to that!

  8. I love your spring pictures! I am still waiting for the rain to stop here too.


  9. enjoying the sunshine here too! Love it
    I'm going to post the painting of the black and white hen tomorrow. I like it a I need a Mr. to go with her. I will google a photo of a male black and white also need to find the proper name for this hen.

  10. Loverly post! I love the sunshine too!!! We have had too much rain and not enough sun, too.
    Canada is getting water logged, I think.
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. Hugs to you too, Marianne! Such a pretty post. Hope you have a lovely weekend. ~Mandy

  12. Oh Marianne,
    We've been having similar kind of weather here and I just love it. It was about time...hope it lasts. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Ooooh, and love the tree trunk planter. Is it a real trunk or just a planter made to look like one. Love it!

    Hugs and Kisses,