Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Garden visit and a surprise ~

Hello ~ I hope everyone is well ~ Welcome to my garden.  The garden is a little late this year, but I am soooo welcoming the warm sunny weather.  Let's take a stroll ....

I love tulips, don't you?

My phlox have run wild. The wind keeps blowing leftover leaves in them ;-)

Can't wait for my poppy to bloom


This chippy little child's chair just lends a little whimsey

Every garden has to have a fairy or two ;-) although you can see she is blowing in the she shy?

Mr. Vintage built this little hillbilly shack, which is my potting shed.  I just LOVE it....
Dwarf iris ~ my other iris haven't bloomed yet,

Scooter LOVES to romp in the garden and she's very careful of my plants and flowers. 

now I MUST share with you the surprise that Mr. Vintage had waiting for me.  As you know, Mr. Vintage has been ill and he could not really give me anything for Mother's Day (I got flowers, but he said that wasn't enough)....He went on Kijiji and had the Vendor deliver this...(Can you hear me squealing with delight?)

Mr. Vintage, I couldn't ask for a better man, soul mate and life partner than you...

I am soooo excited.  Tell me, is there anything exciting happening to you?  Can't wait to hear ;-)




  1. Darling Gift! I soo hope your Mr. is feeling better.I am lovin the hillbilly shack way cute! ~Cheers Kim

  2. I love your hillbilly shack/potting shed. I think it has a lot of character. That little red chair is adorable and I am loving the turquoise glider! Sweet. Nothing new is happening with me. It's been rainy, windy and oh so cold. We can't get out in the yard at all, but tomorrow is looking a bit better. Here's hoping :-) Pamela

  3. Not as exciting as that double glider! Your garden tour was a delight.

  4. I LOVE your glider! fabulous! And your hillbilly shack! That is cuter than heck! LOVE it! Thanks for taking us on a stroll with you.
    I hope Mr. Vintage is feeling better.

  5. How wonderful! Your hubby is so sweet! You'll have to give him a Yankee Dime! I love the sweet child's chair and your old shack! I would have so much fun in your garden! ♥

  6. I l-o-v-e your garden. And your potting shed is just about the cutest one ever! Mr. Vintage reminds me of my sweetheart - they seem to think alike!

  7. wow! what a special hubby. love your garden!!!

  8. Gorgeous garden!!!
    Mr. Vintage is a those chairs and the colour..ooohhh-la-la!!
    Have a great weekend to you soon!!

    Deborah xoxo

  9. Love the glider!! It's funny that my Mom said only a few minutes ago that she wanted a glider for her screen porch. I hope I can find one as nice as yours!!!

  10. He's definitely a keeper! How beautiful and what a nice color! Kudos too for that cute little hillbilly shack he built!

  11. That potting shanty is adorable! Glad Mr. V is doing better. Enjoy!

  12. How cute! I love the shack, and your hubby is a sweetie pie! The gift is adorable!


  13. I love your potting shack! How fun! Your blooms looks fabulous too - lovely colours!

  14. Hi Marianne, Don't you just love playing outside? Love your potting shed; my parents and grandparents were from Kentucky and this looks like the real deal!
    Also waiting for my poppies to bloom, love the spring colors!
    Have fun and hugs!

  15. Love your blog! LOVE the potting shack!!!! Love the glider! Love it all!!!

  16. I love the pretty picture of Scooter! And your hillbilly shack is wonderful!!! Love~Mandy