Sunday, November 2, 2014

Getting Cozy ~

Hello my friends ~

The ghouls and goblins have all but disappeared.  Now it's time to get cozy ~

time to enjoy comfort food ~ enjoy the bountiful harvest.  I love squash ~ don't you?

Stews and soups are just what is needed right now ~

I made this venison stew ~ yum ~

time to enjoy fall and all of its beautiful colors ~ The crisp fresh air ~

time to snuggle up with a lovely worn quilt ~

and a cup of tea and a treat ~

time to slow down and enjoy ~

As I said Mr. Vintage and I have been going through some trying times, but hopefully, that is behind us now.  We need to be good to ourselves and relax.  That is exactly what we are going to do.  Enjoy life ~

I do have to show you a couple of little pretties that I have picked up this summer ~

Little miniature chairs and I used an old door knob for a table 

A little fairy swing ~ need to make a cushion for this ~

Little cups and saucers.  Love these

Enjoy your day~!

Chico is enjoying the sunshine streaming through the garden door.

Enjoy the sunshine wherever you are~