Thursday, May 30, 2013

where has the time gone~?

Hello my friends ~ I have not posted in a while ~ where has the time gone?

We have been very busy at the Vintage household ~ changing our nest ~

 The flowers are blooming nicely and the weather is just devine ~

The gardens are just popping ~ I just love, love, love spring

I added another little fairy garden to the deck ~

Love fairy gardens ~

Next time I will share with you what we are doing ~

Have a great day

How are your gardens coming ~ I just know they are doing well ~




Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Treasure Hunt ~ what fun~!

Hello my friends ~ I hope you are all well and enjoying the spring weather ;-)

Mr. Vintage and I went to Aberfoyle, Ontario this past weekend with our good friends Karen and Mike ~ we had so much fun.  I would like to share our treasures with you ~

I love old blue bottles.  We found these at an estate sale on the way home.   

I especially love this little violet ink well ~

I added some labels to these ~ sigh ~

I have been looking for a dough bowl for quite some time ~ well, be still my heart

just look at this beauty and it was the cheapest at the whole antique show!  I just love it ~

This little butter press had to come home with me !~

I had the wooden scoops and the ticking napkins I found on etsy ~  love the farmhouse look..

I also found this old box.  I put all of my cutting boards in it and hot pads so that they are handy when I need them ~

I also found this ironstone bowl ~ love, love, love it

I found this sweet frame a while ago and decided to put my mom and dad's picture in it.  I think it's perfect ~

My farmhouse kitchen is starting to take shape.  We had such fun treasure hunting ~

Have you been treasure hunting lately?  What wonderful treasures did you find?

Next time, I'll update you on the progress of the Chico Picket Fence ~




Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another Sunny Day~

Another Sunny Spring Day ~

Hope yours is beautiful ~



Sunday, May 5, 2013

Oh My I am sore ~

Hello my friends ~ It has been quite a while since I have posted ~ It has been very busy around the Vintage Home ~

Spring is here at last ~

We have been busy digging and splitting plants and redoing the gardens ~

We had to clean out the garden too ~

Everything is just popping ~

I also created a little fairy house ~

Love my garden fairy ~

Here is my other garden fairy ~ O.K. He's an Angel ;-)

Chico loves to be outside with me ~

We have other projects on the go  ~ I will share them with you soon ~

Thank you for stopping by ~ I am so looking forward to sharing the other things that are going on ~

Have you been gardening?  Please share