Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday thrifting fun~

I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend.  We are finally having beautiful weather and I LOVE it.  I went out thrifting today and these are my little goodies ~

This little creamware milk pitcher caught my eye

These little goodies...I will paint this mirror ..hmmm antique white?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these little cook book pamphlets.  I wonder what I can make ~ I'll have to read these

Even though Mr. Vintage can't get out yet, he had my lovely daughter pick these up for me for Mother's Day.  What a sweetie.  Both of them

I wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day full of fun, laughter and love ...

Happy Mother's Day Mommy and to all your friends in Blogland ~ 

For Mother's Day, I wish to share with you a recipe for Happiness Cake ~

1 heaping portion of true love
1 heaping cup of perfect trust and confidence
1 heaping cup of tenderness - the most tender available
1 heaping cup of good humour ~ a little extra won't hurt
1 tablespoon of good spirits - the more spirited the better ~

blend with
1 heaping cup of unselfishness
a dash of interest ~ in all they do
one good helping of work ~  to avoid this would spoil the flavour
Mix all of the ingredients with a pint of sympathy and understanding.  Flavour with loving companionship.  Bake well all your life.  Frost with kisses, fond hopes and tender words.  This cake keeps well and should be served often

Happy Mother's Day



  1. looks like a good day thrifting glad your husband is on the mend.

  2. Hi Marianne!
    Well look at your treasures...I love them!
    That little pitcher is adorable, and the mirror...well I cant wait to see the new paint job :)
    I love cookbooks, especially tried and true ones like those.
    How thoughtful of your hubby and your sweet daughter to pick those gorgeous blooms up for you...and Romantic Prairie Style!! I am loving my book!
    And what a sweetie that little one is!!!
    Happy Mothers Day to you!!!

    Deborah xoxo

  3. Cute little pitcher, Marianne. Have a great Mother's Day! Love the tablecloth, too and your header with that neat looking stove!

  4. What a sweet 'recipe' and great thrift finds! Your flowers are beautiful! Happy Mother's day my friend! ♥

  5. What a bunch of cute goodies! Have a fabulous Mothers day dear friend! Xoxoxo

  6. Hi Marianne, Hope Mr. Vintage is feeling better. Great finds! Your little peeps are so cute!
    Have a nice Mother's Day!
    ~ Julie

  7. Hi Marianne,
    Great Finds! I love the cream pitcher. How sweet of your husband to have your daughter get you flowers. Mindy is so cute-I just love her. And I love your recipe for Happiness Cake.
    Happy Mother's day to you.

  8. Beautiful treasures you find,Your dog is so sweet
    Have a very Happy Mothers Day Marianne


  9. The perfect recipe! :)

    Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!!!


  10. ~Happy Mothers Day!!~ Love your thrifty finds too!;) Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  11. I've been too busy to do much thrifting lately. You got some great things. Hope you mom's day was great. Mimi

  12. Love the cream pitcher! I am glad that you had such a lovely Mother's Day. Give that sweet Mindy a hug!

    Susan and Bentley

  13. That pitcher is adorable! Glad you got out and had some fun.
    Hope hubby continues to get stronger each day.