Sunday, May 29, 2011

They're HOME ~

Good morning ~ Well, we transferred the chicks from their temporary home in the shop to the chicken tractor last night.  They were a little shy at first ;-)

Once, they looked around and realized that we were not going to disturb them ~ well ~

Down the ramp they came...

Let the fun begin ~ peck, peck, peck

They kept VERY busy

What are you doing? It's not time for bed yet~!

Fine, I'll just sit here for awhile

Mr. Vintage and I watched them for quite a while, they are very entertaining.

What are your plans for Memorial Day ~ please take a moment to remember ~ we ARE free, American and Canadian ~ please remember...


Mommy can I go chase the chickens now?

No Mindy you cannot chase the chickens ~ stay here with Mommy ;-)


  1. Home sweet home! The chickens look content in their new coop. I guess they would be entertaining while sitting on the deck or lawn. Does the rooster crow and wake you up early? Have fun! Pamela

  2. They're so sweet! I really want some chickens. They're adorable at that stage, aren't they?

  3. There they are!! Love those chicks. We have been free ranging our and getting them healthy after the feather mite problem earlier this spring. But this week a fox attacked in the middle of the day. Middle daughter came by to help me bandage the one hubs saved from the fox. Took hours to find all but one other that is still missing. Afraid she may have been fox dinner. Sad. But sure gives me a smile to see yours!

  4. They are precious...but can't we have ANY fun! lol Happy weekend! ♥

  5. love your chickys very cute
    Have a happy Memorial weekend I am just relaxing and remembering all the soldiers and all they do to keep us safe