Sunday, November 2, 2014

Getting Cozy ~

Hello my friends ~

The ghouls and goblins have all but disappeared.  Now it's time to get cozy ~

time to enjoy comfort food ~ enjoy the bountiful harvest.  I love squash ~ don't you?

Stews and soups are just what is needed right now ~

I made this venison stew ~ yum ~

time to enjoy fall and all of its beautiful colors ~ The crisp fresh air ~

time to snuggle up with a lovely worn quilt ~

and a cup of tea and a treat ~

time to slow down and enjoy ~

As I said Mr. Vintage and I have been going through some trying times, but hopefully, that is behind us now.  We need to be good to ourselves and relax.  That is exactly what we are going to do.  Enjoy life ~

I do have to show you a couple of little pretties that I have picked up this summer ~

Little miniature chairs and I used an old door knob for a table 

A little fairy swing ~ need to make a cushion for this ~

Little cups and saucers.  Love these

Enjoy your day~!

Chico is enjoying the sunshine streaming through the garden door.

Enjoy the sunshine wherever you are~




Sunday, October 19, 2014

I'm back ~

Hello my friends ~ I am back.

It's been a long time ~

I can hardly wait to catch up with all of you.  The summer is now gone.  Camping is now done and I have so much to tell you.  But for now ~  

I'll leave you with a few images.  I did manage to collect a few more pieces of my beloved iron stone ~

Just love the  simplicity of it.  Mr. Vintage and I are trying to live a more simple life.  

This summer has been a very stressful time for me, but I have come through it, and now I am hopefully back for good.

I will share with you soon ~

For now, I count my blessings each and every day ~

Yes,  I still am an avid collector of plates and pretties ~

I've just learned to relax a bit more.

See you soon ~



Sunday, June 15, 2014

Camping ~

Hello everyone ~

It has been so long since I last posted, but, unfortunately, my vertigo reared it's ugly head once more ~ sigh ~

I have been trying to relax and get through this.  Stress is the trigger ~ so we have gone camping ~ so relaxing.

Here is the campground in early May ~

We have a beautiful spot on top of the hill.  Mr. Vintage likes to think he is King of the Hill ~ hmmmmm, does that make me Queen?

Now it is like this ~ quite filled out.  Don't you think?

My flowers are doing beautifully there ~

and we have lots of little birds to watch

They are so beautiful.

and of course, humming birds ~

I'll be back soon ~ ahhh just looking at this makes me smile.

Have you been relaxing?  

Can't wait to hear ~

Now I'm going to catch up with all of you!



Sunday, May 4, 2014

tweaking my greenhouse

Hello my friends ~ It has been cold and damp here in Ontario.   Not very nice at all ~ rainy, rainy, rainy ~ So I decided to tweak my little greenhouse

This winter took its toll on my little greenhouse.  The glass broke and it was a mess ~ so Mr. Vintage took out all of the glass walls and we put up plastic.  Now at least I can use this little gem to start flowers and veggies ~

I put up my little window.

Mr. Vintage made a couple of shelves for my pots ~

I just love the look of old clay pots ~ don't you?

Now that it is sunny today, I will start my seeds ~ yay!

And by the way, my girls are very happy that it is Sunny today ~

Maybe we'll let them out for a romp around the yard ~

I think they want to play ~

Momma bunny has been visiting our yard too ~

She's very friendly and doesn't mind a bit that I am outside with her ~

Chico's ready to play too ~ Come on Chico let's go outside and plant some seeds ~

It's finally sunny out ~ Enjoy your day ~!



Saturday, April 26, 2014

A new couch and chair ~

Hello my friends ~ it is a beautiful day today.  I have waited so long to do this ~ laundry on the line ;-)

The fairies are loving this weather and things are starting to pop ~

I have been looking for a new couch for my living room for quite a while.  I wanted an Ikea Ektorp couch, but Mr. Vintage was not crazy for it ~ so I continued the search.

Well, today was my lucky day.  I found a couch and chair on Kijiji and it is perfect ~

Here is the chair ~

Here is part of the couch ~ the material is wonderful and they just fit in perfectly ~ Even Mr. Vintage likes it ~ It is an antique couch which was totally redone.  I love the material ~

I am very happy now.  Love this look ~ It was really funny, but the lady I purchased these from was one of my daughter's primary school teachers ~ It's such a small world

Even Chico loves the couch ~ he can look out the window from the arm of the couch ~

I'm very happy with the look.

Have you found anything that you absolutely love lately?

Do tell



Sunday, April 20, 2014

We have Easter Bunnies ~!

Happy Easter my friends ~

The table is set ~

The flowers are beautiful ~

We are ready for a wonderful Easter dinner with our family

By the way ~ we have Easter Bunnies~!

Mr. Vintage and I have been working hard trying to get the gardens cleaned out after this long long hard winter ~

Plants are starting to pop

including my poppies ~       ;-)

Well, we got to the back part of our garden and we discovered a little bit of fluff ~

Momma bunny has a nest in our garden ~ shhhh ~ the babies are sleeping.  We just could not disturb this nest ~ so I guess that part of the garden will wait a couple of weeks until the babies are big enough to move around.

Yes, we do have Easter Bunnies ~  we'll let them rest ~

I hope all of you have a Happy and safe Easter with family and friends