Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturdays make me smile ;-)

Happy Saturday ~ I am just gazing at the flowers that my daughter brought me.  They make me smile ;-)

Aren't these spider mums just wonderful?

The lilacs are blooming and they smell absolutely wonderful.  Mr. Vintage and I hit a yard sale down the street and I picked up a milk glass vase I had to fill it!

It's too bad that lilacs don't last long.  I just love them ~ don't you?

Well I will share the other goodies that I picked up at the yard sale now ~

Jadite tea cups and saucers.  I LOVE jadite ~

Mr. Vintage spotted these two turquoise refrigerator drawers.  50 cents each ~!  I am going to store onions and potatoes in them

And an enamelware coffee pot and little pot ~ these are going in the camper ~

What are  you doing this fine Saturday?  I can't wait to hear ;-)




  1. I AM SO you know how hard it is to find jadite ANYWHERE here - even in the antique stores! Last Sunday we went to the flea and I found a jadite pitcher and STILL my heart (I'm posting pics next week!) Today - we are working and getting excited about our junkin' trip on Monday (pray for no rain...hee hee hee!!)

  2. Hi Marianne!
    Love your blooms, and aren't those spider mums cute?! First time Ive seen them.
    Lilacs are so beautiful..adore their fragrance.
    Love you enamel pitcher and those dishes!
    Looks like you did well my friend!
    Im here enjoying my visit with our sons and my daughter ....on a foggy, overcast day.
    Weather could be better..but the company is fantastic! :)
    Have a great weekend!!

    Deborah xoxoxo

  3. I'm loving your flowers, especially the lilacs, as ours are not nearly ready to bloom yet due to all the rain and cold we've had. You got some great finds at the sale! Love the old crisper bins! Who'd have thought to save those? Just for you!! Enjoy your weekend. Pamela

  4. I love Jadeite too. My Mom and Dad passed away and my sister is living in the house. She told me the other day I need to come and get the dishes. It is a whole set. That and so much depression glass. I keep putting it off but I know I need to do it. It is 1200 hundred miles away. :)
    I love your camper too. Blogger lost all of my blogs I followed it is so nice to get caught up. How are your chicks?

  5. You must have found one great yard sale - I love turquoise!!

  6. The vintage crispers are so cool! Mr. Vintage knows a good deal!!
    Onions and potatoes - great idea!
    What beautiful flowers! Lucky you~
    Today is chocolate chip cookie making and finishing up painting my little kitchen a perfect shade of pink.
    Have a pretty day!

  7. I haven't gone any farther than the mailbox. I worked in the garden. Baked a dessert. And plan a night of reading. So exciting, huh?

  8. What a great blog you have here Marianne! I am so happy I stumbled across it today! It's amazing, I love all of your great treasures, they are awesome! I'll be back!

    Today, I was out watering my plants, took a swim and now the afternoon is wide open, love the day so far!


  9. The Jadite is such a wonderful find! I would love to find a coffee mug to remind my of my Daddy! I've been reading and we even had a rain shower this afternoon! We had breakfast with friends...the perfect Saturday! ♥

  10. that was a yard sale!!! Lucky you to find the jade-ite, those turquoise refrigerator drawers and the enamelware. You did great!!!!

  11. I hit a few yard sales, got a few little things, I will be showing them off on Monday, probably.
    I love your jadeite pieces! Gorgeous, I love that color so much.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. Beautiful dishware!
    I did a little thriftin' myself today. Found a linen shirt for $4. Love linin...

    Glad Mr. V is getting out and about now.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  13. How lovely....I love spider mums and the jadite set is simply adorable.....My Saturday has been wonderful, my hubby was actually off today (he is never off on Saturdays) and to make it better, he is off on Monday too =) anyhow, we had a big ol' lunch, took the kids for burgers and shakes and I was able to hit a couple of yard sales, I was able to find some lovely vintage wrapping paper and red and white polka dot pillows for 50 cents EXCITED! Xoxoxo Happy weekend dear friend!

  14. Good yard sale with lots of nice vintage.

  15. I love the green in the mums and the jaedite. Your garden is really starting to bloom! Beautiful lilacs. Mimi

  16. Marianne, Love the happy colors of your spider mums, gerber daisies and also your Jadeite, which is a good find. Several years ago I started buying pieces to go with my grandmother's Jadeite mugs and then Martha Stewart became interested in it and the prices sky rocketed. So, being the thrifty person I am, I stopped buying it and sold it at a yard sale. :)
    Hope you have a nice Sunday,

  17. What ,beautiful flowers from your daughter!
    You got lots of little pretties! What a clever idea for storing your onions and potatoes!
    Have a lovely day!

  18. Oh my! Jadeite at a sale how fabulous! I have collected it for years.Oh how I love a good sale~Cheers Kim

  19. Your flowers are beautiful and you found some neat, thrifty treasures. Lucky you that Mr. Vintage will go garage sale-ing with you.

    The Hillbilly Potting Shed is very cute!

  20. Your flowers are beautiful! Love your finds...the dishes are so sweet and what a great use in storing onions and potatoes!
    Hope your week is wonderful!

  21. I love your spider mums..great finds this week. Happy hunting this coming week. Take care..

  22. Beautiful flowers beautiful post, Marianne.

  23. You sure found some marvelous things! Love milk glass, Jadeite, those refrigerator doors are fantastic! Oh, and the Lilacs! Gracious - they're spectacular - miss having them in the garden!
    Hope you have a wonderful week,

  24. this Saturday called for finishing the bathroom project!!!

    I've been waiting or this "feeling" for 15 years ...

    I'm now stalking (er following) here ... hehe

  25. Love it!
    I'm love your blog!
    Congratulations, i'm Brazil.

  26. Great finds, Olive! We were partying outdoor last Sat. I worked so hard in the garden (Come see it!) before then and I think hubby was so impressed that he invited a few couples over and showed it off, lol. We had a swimming party and although the temp went down to 67 degrees, the guests were still able to swim because of the heated pool. Your photos are very pretty!..Christine

  27. Ooops, did I just call you Olive? Sorry, Marianne. I was just at her site and I thought I still was....Christine

  28. Hi Marianne...thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment about my porch. These treasures are delightful! I can't believe the jadeite. At our antique mall it's almost unaffordable. Well done!
    Have a great week ~Ann

  29. Love all your fun finds...those aqua drawers are my fave :) Our lilacs will be blooming soon...can't wait! Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  30. Sweet finds Marianne...I haven't been to a good yard sale in a long while...And I'm itchin' to go :-) Love the idea for those fridge drawers. Oh and pretty flowers.

    Hugs and Kisses,