Monday, September 19, 2011

Autumn is upon us ~ and treasures

Happy Autumn everyone ~ Autumn is slowly creeping in ~ I think summer is slowly fading away like the twighlight  (although we have indian summer here)

I would like to share with you a few of my treasures that Mr. Vintage and I picked up on our trip

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fiesta Ware ~  In Ontario it is really expensive, so I keep my eye out for a real deal.  This little cream and sugar with the tray was a real bargain ~

I just could not leave this little creamer behind ~ I love this shade of blue ;-)

Is anyone looking forward to Autumn ~ I get this nesting feeling and I love to cook and bake bread ~ yummmm

Here is my little chicken waterer  that Mr. Vintage picked up and then painted for me ~ I just love it~!
What is it about yarn that just says ~ comfy, cozy and warm ?

Well, as a PS my girls are leaving me eggs every day now ~ I hope you all spend your day eggactly as you wish~ Are you feeling the fall nesting instinct like I am ~?

Tell me, what are you doing today~?  Please tell me ~ I enjoy it so much when I hear from you ~ it makes me smile


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Sunday everyone ~  As you know, Mr. Vintage and I went camping ~  We visited the Aylmer, Ontario market ~ what a wonderful place

This booth had the most delicious raspberries ;-)

There are Amish here and I have to say that I Just adore them ~ they are so peaceful and wonderful people ~ and their food is absolutely the BEST

Into the market we went ~ We bought potatoes, squash, raspberries (yummmm), and so much more ~ then we spotted this ~

Isn't this just the swetest toy chest you have ever seen?

We just couldn't find a use for it (no children and no grandbabies) ~ so we left it behind.  It was VERY hard to leave this little sweety behind.

Off we went to look at the lovely homes ~

Aren't they just fantastic?

This one is my very favourite ~

Later, as we read the "Homes for Sale" paper, we found out that this home was converted into condominiums ~ what a shame ~ such a grand, grand home.  So beautiful.

On the way home, Mr. Vintage was in a playful mood and he said this was going to be our retirement home ~

A little bit of a fixer upper ~ Doncha think?  But in it's day it must have been beautiful....

Do you see the beautiful side of  things that have been tattered and torn or am I just a romantic?  I would love to hear from you ~ I always try to see beauty, even if it is not so beautiful today.  This house must hold so many beautiful memories ~



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We're back and a surprise~

Hello Dear Ones ~

Mr. Vintage and I are back from our camping trip ~ It was soooo relaxing ~

We went back to our favourite spot ~ Everything looks so different than back in July, but it's still so peaceful and beautiful ~

We listened to this all night ~ so soothing

Even the goldenrod was lovely ~

Even though we were camping ~ we had such beautiful dinners ~

And an after dinner walk through here ~

And we would come out here ~

 When we got home, our little chickens left us a surprise ~

Our first egg~!

Next time I'll show you pictures of all the wonderful places we visited and the lovely Amish people.

I missed all of you ~ what have you been up to?

Can't wait to hear from you



Monday, September 5, 2011

Morning Glory and Tomatoes ~

Hello everyone ~ Well, it certainly has been a busy day around the Vintage household. 

It has been sooo hot here in Ontario (115 F), and today we woke up to cool cool temps.  In the 50's ~

My morning glories are just beautiful ~

They are starting to grow right into the green house ~

I took advantage of the cool weather and canned tomatoes ~
mmmmm ~

The turned out beautifully ~

Mr. Vintage helped me peel all of the tomatoes ~ thank you Mr. Vingage ~ ;-)

What did you do today?

Can't wait to hear from you