Saturday, May 21, 2011

A beautiful Day ~

Happy Saturday everyone ~!
It's going to be a beautiful day ~ lots of sunshine and warm termperatures.  I am sooo happy ;-)

There are lots of things to do today.  Potting my plants for the deck and front porch.  Putting annuals in my garden.  Playing with the chickens ~ they are almost ready for their coop.

I will share with you a couple of thrifting finds that I picked up this week ~

This pretty platter that I picked up for $1.00.  I love the scalloped edges

This little wagon Mr. Vintage picked up for me ~ I'm going to put flowers in it ~

Mr. Vintage picked up a little vintage toy pedal tractor.  Here is the before (we had a helper modeling it ~ isn't she cute?)

Pretty rusty ~ and then Mr. Vintage worked his magic ~

It's a beauty........After we're done planting and puttering, I think Mr. Vintage and I may go for a ride for an ice cream in the green machine

After all, he did wash it ;-)

What are your plans for today, big or small, I'd love to hear what you are up to

Have a wonderful Saturday



Yes Mindy you can come in the green machine too and if you're good maybe a little ice cream


  1. A spin in your green machine brings back old time memories for me... Enjoy...

  2. Wonderful goodies. I especially love that red wagon. Have a splendid weekend outside.

  3. You are so lucky - it is absolutely pouring with rain here - we have high winds too! The weather has been awful in Scotland for the last few weeks! Not going out today.

  4. Oh, I am crazy about the "green machine". Have a fun weekend.

  5. your tractor is too cute. Rain rain here, I have my front porch and back deck planted, but not all the beds are done yet, darn. MMM ice cream sound good! have a great day!

  6. How stinkin' cute it that tractor and that wagon will look so cute with some flowers! I have a radio flyer wagon that was used to take my brother and I to the park daily during the summer and since he has passed, I now use it as a mini garden dedicated in his memory, named "The Jonny Garden"....I plan on doing some weeding with the help of three little ones =) Happy weekend dear Marianne! Xoxoxo

  7. Oh!!! I love your red wagon and black tractor!!! They are so wonderful and what fun you must have riding around in the "green machine!" Have a Happy Spring day!
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Marianne - that green machine is a SCREAM!! What a great day to get some ice cream :) Love all of your finds...that scalloped platter takes the cake!

  9. What great finds!
    Wow, the green machine is really something!

    My plans just involve work, unless of course I get raptured later today. ;-)


  10. Oh...pick me up...I want to go for ice cream too!

  11. Sounds like a great weekend Marianne!
    Love your weekend finds!
    That wagon would look lovely with flowers in it!!
    Love the tractor too...Mr. Vintage did a great job painting it!
    Im sure my Willow (westie) would be enchanted with Mindy :)
    Your green machine is outstanding..yes, agree, go for a ride and do get ice cream and a little for Mindy..she'd love that! :)

    Deborah xoxo

  12. Wow! I love the green machine! What fun to drive around in that. Your new tractor and wagon are just sweet too. Have fun!

  13. Love your chicken coop! And your model is so precious!
    Glad you and Mr. V got out and about!

  14. Hi Marianne, wow, you and I think alike when it comes to thrifty bargains! I love your pretty platter, and that wagon is adorable. I saw some cute vintage tractor type toys today too, but the prices were crazy. Yours is Darling, the Mr. did a great job. xxx tami

  15. What great finds!

    That car is fantastic. I would love to go get ice cream with you.