Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hello my friends ~ It has been hectic around the Vintage household ~

Decorating ~

 Entertaining ~

Tweaking my craft ~ sewing room 

Mr. V. and I did have a chance to stop at our favourite antique~shabby chic store the other day ~

I picked up this little piece of architectural salvage ~

And this piece to hold my fern.  I am attempting to bring the ferns in this year ~ wish me luck.  The last time I did this they did not make it the winter ~

Well, Chico is ready for Hallowe'en ~

Can we go trick or treating now?

Not yet Chico, a couple more sleeps ;-)

Are you ready for the little trick or treaters?  

I can hardly wait to see of the the little ghouls and gobblins and princesses of course ~




Sunday, October 6, 2013

Does Lightening Strike twice?

Happy Sunday my friends ~  well, it is still rainy and damp today, but that doesn't dampen my spirits.

I finally had enough sun light to take pictures of my latest treasures ~

Mr. Vintage and I went for a ride the other day and I found this beautiful little soap dish ~

It now lives on my table in the craft/sewing room ;-)

I found this little beauty at the same yard sale.  It now lives on my desk in my craft/sewing room.

By the way, there are big changes happening in this room.  I'll show you later ~

But the VERY biggest surprise was when Mr. Vintage spotted these ~

I have been looking for a couple of lightening rods for a long time.  Well, really one.  I think they are beautiful.  But they were sooooo pricey that I just kept passing them up.

We went to Heritage Village Treasure Hunt and of course, I wandered off to look at little pretties.  Mr. V. found me and said "you had better come with me, I think  I bought something for you, if you want them".  Well, be still my beating heart ~ there they were in all their glory.

Well of course, I want them ~ and we got them very cheap.  The best thing about them is they were removed from a house down the street from us.  I love it ~!

Well, these are my latest treasures.

Have you been treasure hunting lately?

Please do tell



Saturday, October 5, 2013

Oh my ~!

Hello my friends ~ Happy  Saturday.

Today here in Harrow, Ontario, it is very gloomy and muggy ~ so I thought I would share some sunshine with you today

Just because it's gloomy outside, doesn't mean our hearts have to be gloomy ;-)

I wanted to share with you my new treasures, but it isn't a very good day to take pictures ~ sigh ~

There's always tomorrow ~

Besides, the squirrels are still running around trying to bury all the nuts in the yard ~

Watch them Chico~ don't let them get too close~

I am Mommy, I am ~ but would you open the back door so I can chase them?

If I could only jump over this white picket fence, hmmmm ~ there's one  now ~

Have a happy Saturday!~

Is it sunny where you are?