Saturday, March 30, 2013

i'm in Heaven ~

Happy Easter my friends ~ This little pie bird seems to be saying it's here~! it's here~!

Yes, spring has arrived.  Today is going to be a balmy 53 degrees F.  I am going to enjoy every minute ~

We have been busy around the Vintage household.  Our bathroom was a little outdated ~ so Mr. Vintage does it again ~

Yep, here's the bathroom.  He did have a lot of help from friends as you know, he can't do any heavy lifting since his surgery.

You can tell our house is an old house.  Look at those slats in the walls.

You are probably saying..."really? on Easter weekend?".  Well, nothing like the present ;-)

But today we are taking a break and we are going to enjoy this beautiful sunny day ~

Yes! Yes! Yes! Laundry on the Line ~ Oh be still my heart (did you ever hear of anyone getting so excited about hanging laundry?)

I am thrilled ~

Now, when I was finished hanging the laundry, I took a peek in the garden~

They do have a little frost on them and that is why I don't clean out my garden too early.  The old leaves protects the tender little shoots.

Soon I will be in the garden, but for today, I think I will just watch laundry dry (is that like watching paint dry?)

Enjoy your day and have a very blessed Easter



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Be patient ~

I am being patient ~

I know it's on the way ~

I am hanging on by my finger nails ~ but, I am trying ~

soon, my friends, soon ~ in the meantime ~

Enjoy these images of pure loveliness ~

Can't wait to do this ;-)

Have a wonderful day



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm not leaving ~!

Hello ~ it's been a little while ~ well, I am trying to cope with this Vertigo that just doesn't want to leave me.  I am feeling much better with the medication that I am on.  Anyway, as you know, Mr. Vintage and I have been trying to sell the house, but......nothing.  Alot of lookers but no takers.

We have decided once and for all ~ we are staying put ~!  I am not leaving ~!

Mr. Vintage and I have talked alot and have prayed alot and we have come to the conclusion that we have everything that we want right here ~

So ~ there is going to be alot of redecorating and changes around the vintage household. 

We have decided to go with the simple prairie farmhouse style throughout the house.  Mr. Vintage is up to something today in the kitchen ;-)

I'll keep you posted.  In the meantime, is spring coming soon?  Does anyone know?  Here in Ontario ~ yes, more snow ~ sigh ~ I need spring.

I hope wherever you are ~ you are enjoying your day ~! and send some Spring this way ~



Saturday, March 9, 2013

The sun is shining ~!

Happy Saturday ~!  The sun is shining and it feels like spring here in Ontario.  This makes me smile ;-)

I've been puttering with my mantel, trying to bring a little Spring into the Vintage Cottage ~

I decided my little fairy needed to come out and play ~

Love this little bird ~

I know I need to put these away, but I just can't yet.  The mercury glass is just so pretty ~

How are you bringing Spring into the house?  I think I'll just feather my nest today ~ sounds like fun to me ;-)



Thursday, March 7, 2013

instant coffee table ~

Hello my friends, I have been under the weather lately ~
I have been diagnosed with vertigo ~ not a nice thing, but I am on the mend and back again with a smile on my face ;-)

Mr. Vintage and I picked up some chippy table legs last summer in Port Stanley.  He knew he wanted to make a table or something with them.  The other day a friend stopped by and brought some barn boards to us ~ such a good friend ~

Well,  here is the instant coffee table Mr. Vintage created

We didn't even paint the barn boards ~ we left them as is ~

Love the chippy legs and the rustic touches ~

and the lace table runner is perfect with the rustic barn boards ~

I also bought a clock face at an antique store a while ago and yesterday I felt a little better and decided to do something with it.

Here it is before ~

and after ~

Instant wall art ~

These projects were quick and easy and I love them both ~

Now, time to rest ~

A cup of tea and some magazines ~

Do you have any projects on the go?  I'd love to hear.  Hopefully, this bout of vertigo will be gone ~ soon ~  I can't sit around and do nothing.  It makes me crazy ~ sigh ~