Monday, November 23, 2015

putzing for Christmas ~

Hello my friends ~ I am just putzing today.  The snow that we  received the other day has put me in the Christmas Spirit ~

I have added little mittens to my pink door in the living room ~

A little dog wood in my iron stone pitcher ~

Then I went outside with Chico ;-)  We gathered up some pine cones and greenery around our property ~

and hung it up on the porch ~

put a little in my galvanized tub and of course, put out my little sleigh and skates.  Added a little dog wood and voila

The front porch is now decorated for Christmas and it was all free~!  I love free.

I want to keep the decorations true to the period of the house.  No lights, sorry they did not have them in the 1800's.

How are you decorating this year?

Can't wait to see what you have done

Come on Chico, let's go outside and gather up more pine cones and greenery for the inside of the house.  You can chase the squirrels~!

Have a wonderful Monday ~