Saturday, September 29, 2012

Introducing you to Sophia~

Hello once again my friends ~

I would like to introduce you to the new member of our family ~ her name is Sofia ~ what a lovely name ~

I apologize for the fuzzy pictures, but Sofia does NOT like her picture taken ~

She is five months old and she is very busy and active

She loves to play ~

Mr. Vintage saw her on kijiji and loved the way she looked. He's very particular about his furry friends.  We always try to rescue animals, rather than purchase from a kennel.   He told me on Friday ~ I am going to see her ~ I trust him  and his judgment ~  He brought her home.  Sofia was with a family who had 14 kittens. This little 14 year old girl loves to rescue kittens, but her Mom and Dad told her, if she didn't find homes for all of the kittens, well.....  If Mr. Vintage would not have brought her home ~,  let's not get into that ~

Now she is ours ~ She has already stolen my heart ~

Just tell me ~ Isn't she the sweetest?  We have an appointment at the vet to get  her checked out.  We need a healthy Sofia ~

Last night, she slept with me and purred and purrrrred.  How wonderful to know that  you have rescued this sweet sweet little wonder ~  I think I'm in love.  And yes, she does resemble Scooter, but she has her own personality.  She is Sofie ~ Sofia is too formal ~ SOFIE ~ I love her so already.

Welcome home Sofie ~

You are home my sweet one ~ your are home, and mommy and daddy love you ~

Britt loves you too ~ she will come and visit you often ~

Hope you have been having a great week ~

what have you been doing?



Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bittersweet ~

Hello ~  I hope all is well with you ~

Today, is a bittersweet kind of day ~ 

Our Brittany and her boyfriend Francis, have put an offer in on a home.  They have just found out that it was accepted.  Ofcourse, Mr. Vintage was with them looking everywhere in that house.  He wants the best for Britt.  He was there when the home inspector went through ~ The home inspector told Mr. Vintage that he should be a home inspector~!

We are so pround of them.  They are moving on to the next phase in their relationship.  Mr. Vintage just knows she wil be fine. I am  happy, excited, and looking forward to seeing them in their new home.  My little girl is spreading her wings ~ she is ready to fly ~

I am also a little sad.  You see, Britt and I talk all the time.  We hang out on the front porch and just yack about everything.  We sit and drink tea and sometimes say ~ nothing at all.   I am really going to miss that.

She is a delight to have around.  She is funny, witty ~ sometimes  serious, and just a wonderful person ~ and she is my baby ~ my little baby girl.

As I write this, there are sooo many emotions going through my mind and my heart and soul ~

They are such a beautiful couple ~ don't you think?

I guess it's time for us to move on to the next phase of our life "the empty nesters".

Have you gone through the empty nest stage?  Please let me know ~ I am listening to any advice you can give me.

We are so proud of Britt and even though Mr. Vintage is not her biological father, he is proud of her too ~ we both love her soooo much.  I just want the best for her ~ sigh ~


Friday, September 21, 2012

A little kitchen chair & some burlap

Happy Friday my friends ~ woooo hooooo ;-)

I have been looking for kitchen chairs for my farm house table.  We picked up this one in Sparta.  I really didn't like the colours, but it was a sturdy little chair ~ soooo

Look at her now, all spiffed up with a little bit of creamy light green paint.  I love the way she looks ~

Here is another one that I painted.  Now I have four kitchen chairs.  I just need two more ;-)

I also picked up a lamp recently and the shade left much to be desired ~

I took off the outer shell and scraped off the glue ~ then I looked around the cottage and what did I spy?

some burlap and lace of course ~  I think the shade looks so cute now ~

What do you think?

Saturday and Sunday is the big treasure hunt at the Canadian Transportation Museum.  Lots of shabby chic, antique and you know, junk~!  I can hardly wait to go. 

What have you been doing this week?



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello my friends ~ we have been busy around the Vintage Home ~

We had a new roof put on the house on Saturday and then ~ well, we (have)  now had this walnut tree in our front yard.  It was very messy and the walnuts just killed the grass.  Frankly, Mr. Vintage and I were tired of picking up the walnuts.

We hired someone to cut it down.  As much as I really did not want to (yes, I am a tree lover), we had to do it ~

There he is ~ this man was like a monkey.  He would shimmy up that tree and just cut, cut, cut.  I was in awe ~ he knows his craft VERY well.

It was really unbelievable that one man could take down such a huge tree.

Now you can see the house.  See all the dead grass?  That is what a walnut tree does.  The nuts have a toxin in them that kills grass.

Well, I was so pleased I had to decorate the porch for fall ~

I didn't have any straw, so I used pine chip that I use for the chicken coop.  Sorry girls, mommy needed it to decorate ;-)

I had to use my little scarecrow that Mr. Vintage bought me ~

and ofcourse, my little broom that Mr. Vintage picked up at a yard sale ~

Mr. Vintage and I went for a ride and picked these up.  Aren't they just beautiful?

Such a beautiful colour ~

We have been keeping busy, I think it's very healthy to keep busy sometimes, Don't you?

Thank you SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart for all of the well wishes, thoughts and prayers ~

What have you been up to?

Can't wait to hear ;-)




PS. The roses at the top were from Mr. Vintage for our anniversary.  I just love the smell ~ He's a keeper

~ XO to you Mr. Vintage ~

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Green Tea ~

Hello my friends ~

First of all, thank YOU for all your well wishes ~ they mean so much to me ~

After crying so much last night, my face looks like a pumpkin ~

So I'm going to relax and have a cup of green tea..or two ~

Do you like green Tea?  I love green tea ~

I'll sit with my girls and have a cup and relax.  My girls always make me smile and I need to smile today ~

I think I might fluff my nest today too ~ that always makes me happy ;-)

I might even go and buy myself some mums for the front porch ~ and a pumpkin or two ;-)

What are you doing today?  Have you fluffed your nest for fall? 

I can't wait to hear ~



Saturday, September 15, 2012

Good bye ~ my little sweet heart ~ I wiilll miss you

My heart is breaking ~ I miss you

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Treasures ~

Happy Sunday my friends ~  Well, as promised I am going to show you my treasures that Mr. Vintage and I found on our vacation ~

We found this lamp at a yard sale on the way to Port Stanley, Ontario.  I just love that it's made of glass.  We found the shade at an antique store in Iona on the way home.

Mr. Vintage is going to rewire the lamp for me and I am going to do a little tweaking to it, but I just love it ~ a steal at $10.00 ~

I fell in love with this sweet little cabinet.  It needs a little tweaking as well ~

Love this little blue creamer ~ sigh ~

The cooler temperatures inspired me to do a fall mantel with some of my other treasures  ~

I found the stick star at a craft store and the mini bale of straw and white pumpkins we found at a farmer's market ~

Love, these little rusty stars ~

I even used Mr. Vintage's deer shed that he found in the woods down the road from us ~

The mantel wasn't enough, I had to redo the coffee table as well ~

And ofcourse, then I had to do the little side chest of drawers ~

It's time to get cozy ~

Lots of throws for those chilly nights ~

Even the pillow is wearing a sweater ~ doesn't it look comfy?

This ladder I found a little while back, so I put a nice cozy quilt on it ~

I found this little quilt in an antique store.  It has some issues, but it needed a home.  When I purchased it, the young man in the store told me that it was his grandmother's and it came from Holland.  I knew then that I must take this home (my mother was from The Netherlands) ~

I also found this little ladder at the same craft store in St. Thomas, Ontario.  I don't know what I will put on it, but I think catching up with all my friends will provide the inspiration ;-)

Lastly, I found this adorable trash can ~ could not leave this behind ~

Well, now the living room is set for fall with some of my treasures ~

Have you been decorating for fall yet?  Have you found any treasures lately?

Can't wait to hear from you ~

Have a wonderful day