Sunday, May 4, 2014

tweaking my greenhouse

Hello my friends ~ It has been cold and damp here in Ontario.   Not very nice at all ~ rainy, rainy, rainy ~ So I decided to tweak my little greenhouse

This winter took its toll on my little greenhouse.  The glass broke and it was a mess ~ so Mr. Vintage took out all of the glass walls and we put up plastic.  Now at least I can use this little gem to start flowers and veggies ~

I put up my little window.

Mr. Vintage made a couple of shelves for my pots ~

I just love the look of old clay pots ~ don't you?

Now that it is sunny today, I will start my seeds ~ yay!

And by the way, my girls are very happy that it is Sunny today ~

Maybe we'll let them out for a romp around the yard ~

I think they want to play ~

Momma bunny has been visiting our yard too ~

She's very friendly and doesn't mind a bit that I am outside with her ~

Chico's ready to play too ~ Come on Chico let's go outside and plant some seeds ~

It's finally sunny out ~ Enjoy your day ~!