Sunday, April 21, 2013

Junkin' day ~

Hello my friends ~ I hope all is well with you ~

Last Saturday, Mr. Vintage and I went junkin'.  It was a cold rainy day ~ so we decided to go and our friends Mike and Karen came along ~  We had such fun~!

I did pick up a few treasures which I would like to share with you ~

I picked up this cute little quilt at a yard sale ~

Quilt love ~

Everyone KNOWS that I am a plate, dish, addict ~

This just had to come home with me.

It is right at home now in my cabinet ~

Then, Mr. Vintage spotted this at a craft fair ~ 

It is now in my kitchen ;-)

I couldn't resist this little wire candle holder ~

A well used cutting board ~

And these lovely hot pads.  I use them a lot so as not to burn the counter tops or my table.  I thought these were especially pretty.

Well, that was our junkin' escapade.  We had such fun ~!

Have you  been out junkin' lately?  What treasures have you found?

Hope your Sunday is bright and beautiful.  

I am sending prayers to all those in Boson and in Texas.  May God grant you the peace that passes all understanding.



Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Blessings ~

Sunday blessings to all of you my friends ~

I am looking for a little spring inspiration ~

It's cloudy and rainy here in Ontario, but you KNOW what they say

"April showers bring May flowers"

Mr. Vintage and I are off to a farm sale today ~ Hopefully, I can find some treasures ~

Have a blessed peaceful Sunday ~

What are your plans for the day?



Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sweet Sweet Spring ~

Sweet, Sweet Spring has arrived ~ the temps right now are in the 60's.  Ahhhhhh ~
When Spring arrives I come alive ~ I want to refresh, fluff my nest ~ I think you know....

This week I made some laundry detergent.  We can't get Zote  soap here in Canada, so I used Linda Soap.

I love how it smells and I love that you use so little, very economical ;-)

I have been wanting to take my cupboard doors off for such a long time.  Well, I finally did it, but didn't like the look.  So, Mr. Vintage added bead board (actually Pine tongue and groove) to the back of the cupboards.

Now I love the way they look.  I put my jadite in this cupboard, so that I can look at it always ~

I had to add a little pink ~

I really do like the way it looks.  The bathroom is still a work-in-progress, but hopefully, I can show you that soon.

I tweaked my mantel a little ~

I love these blue bottles ~

and of course, my little birds ~

Well, I am off to do a little more fluffing ~

What have you been up to lately, fluffing? painting? creating?

Please let me know, I love to hear from you

Have a wonderful Sunny Day ~