Friday, August 31, 2012

A Much Needed Rest ~

Hello my friends ~ I hope you had a wonderful week~!

Well, the Labour Day weekend is here and I am so excited! Mr. Vintage and I are going away today and will not return until Wednesday.  (We extended the weekend a little bit)

So, I will be out vintage hunting, treasure hunting and ohh soo relaxing ~

Soon I will be sitting here ~ ahhhhh ~ such fun!

So, we are off ~

I wish all of you a safe, happy, Labour Day Weekend ~

What are you doing this weekend?

See you when I get back!



Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fluffing my camper ~

Happy Sunday everyone ~ As you may know, Mr. Vintage and I have decided to go camping this Labour Day weekend and I have been busy fluffing my camper

We absolutely need fresh vintage bedding.  So comfy ~

A beautiful shabby quilt that will keep us cozy if the weather is chilly at night ~

Vintage pillow cases and sheets are just perfect ~ don't you think?

This looks sooo comfy ;-)

I bought this enamelware match box a while ago.  I use it for napkins. 

Ofcourse, my chippy little chickens are ready to go ~

We'll be on the road this Saturday  and ofcourse, I will take you with me ~  are you ready? 

The biggest thrill is ~

Mr. Vintage had this made for the camper.  I love it~!  Soooooo, if you see us go down the road, just toot toot ~ hello ;-)

What have you been doing today?

Can't wait to hear ~



Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wonderful Surprise ~!

I hope everyone's week is going well ~

My week has been hectic but it's been a lovely week as well ~

Something arrived in the mail ~!

A little while ago, I won a giveaway from Susan (and Bentley ofcourse) at Ash Three Cottage ~  I was so excited to receive this.  A wonderful magazine ~!

Susan and I have become wonderful friends and I just think she is an absolute sweet heart ~ stop by her blog for a visit.  It is full of sweet sweet posts, wonderful eye candy and ofcourse, Bentley ;-)

Susan and Bentley ~ thank you.  I will enjoy this.  I am saving it as Mr. Vintage and I have decided to go away camping for a couple of days over the Labour Day weekend.

Ahhhh ~ a cup of tea, relaxing and savouring a wonderful magazine.  I can hardly wait to go ~     ;-)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.  Mine has started out just perfect.

What you are doing today?



Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chickens and Roses ~

Hello ~ I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend ~

Today was a really fun day ~ I started out by fluffing my nest ~ then Mr. Vintage and I had coffee in the back yard ~

Yes my friends, we had coffee with the chickens ~

We love to let the chickens out in the yard and watch them.  They are very comical

Rosie is very curious and loves to peck and scratch ~

What are you girls doing in my garden?

This is Gabby ~ she loves to cluck and squawk ~

I have always wanted a milk bottle carrier and I finally found one on Etsy and guess What?  ~ she arrived today ~

I just love it on my farmhouse table ~ sigh ~

After our coffee with the chickens, Mr. Vintage and I went grocery shopping...on the way he stopped at a flower shop and we went in.  Yes, my friends he did, he did, he bought me roses ~ just for me ~

Aren't they beautiful?  I split them up and put the creamy ones in the kitchen and the pink ones in the living room ~
The house smells heavenly ~

Thank you Mr. Vintage ~ It's not even my birthday, our anniversary ~ nothing ~ but he said I was worth it.  I love you Mr. Vintage ~

Tonight I am making lamb chops, garlic mashed potatoes and fresh veggies.  ~mmmmm~ can't wait

How is your day going?

Can't wait to hear


Sunday, August 12, 2012

I think I'm tired ~

Hello my friends ~ I am sooooo tired ~ but quite happy ~

This is how my weekend started out ~

Mr. Vintage helped me ~ he peeled them ~

The stewed tomatoes ended up just lovely ~ then, we decided to do another hamper of tomatoes ~ really?

Now, we not only have stewed tomatoes....We have tomato basil sauce and tomatoes, green peppers and onions (I use this to make cabbage rolls)... I'm pooped  ~

Ofcourse, I couldn't be satisfied with all this work, I made soup (an easy peasy dinner)  ~ I think I'm losing it ;-)

The temperature was only 72 degrees when we decided to can.  Perfect Weather.  So...., I had a pork hock and made yellow split pea soup and home made bread.

It was a busy day, but with Mr. Vintage's help, it was really fun ~

Thank you Mr. Vintage for the help.  This winter, we are REALLY going to appreciate all the work. ~

What did you do this weekend?  Do you do any canning?

Please let me know that I am not the only crazy one here ;-)



Monday, August 6, 2012

Beautiful ~

Happy Monday my friends ~

Today is a civic holiday in Canada.  The weather has finally cooled down and it is just beautiful outside ~

My poor roses felt the hot hot temps.  But look ~ I still do have blooms ~

My butterfly bush still thrives ~

It is just beautiful weather.  This weather is making me smile ;-)

Some random Monday images for you to enjoy

I picked up this litte lamp at a yard sale for $2.00.  Now I need a new shade ~

I picked up this little silver piece for 10 cents ~  I think it is just lovely.  I love the patina ~

Time to go for a ride with Mr. Vintage.  Maybe.....yes, some soft ice cream would be perfect ~ don't you think?

What are you doing today?  I hope your day is filled with love and laughter ~



Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oh my ~

Happy Saturday my friends ~ Oh my! It was a long week for me, but now it is Saturday.  A day for rest and relaxation and time to visit all of my blogfriends in blogland ~

Last week, Mr. Vintage and I went for a ride.  Here are some of my treasures ~

I picked up these sweet bowls.  When it gets cooler, I'll make some home made soup or stew ~ yum~!

I couldn't resist these beautiful plates ~ I have an addiction I think ;-)

I love the scalloped edges of the bowls ~

I love the flowers on the plates ~ These plates make me smile (see I told you, I DO have an addiction~)

I also picked up this little blue bottle for 10 cents.  I love it!

In romantic prairie style magazine, They had an article about decorating up horse shoes.  Well, I just happened to have one in the shed.  It turned out pretty cute ~

I had a vintage necklace that I used and I had some cowboy boot charms ~ I don't even remember where I got those, but they worked perfectly.

Do you have any horse shoes around?  If you do, try it ~ I had fun doing it~

Today is going to be hot and steamy again, so, Mr. Vintage and I are going for a ride early ~

What are you doing today?  Have you picked up any treasures lately?

Can't wait to hear from you