Friday, January 24, 2014

Do you love them too?

Hello my friends ~ it is still bitter cold here in Ontario, so I am staying inside and dreaming about spring ~ ahhhh spring ~

I love linens ~ I love to see them hang on the clothesline drying ~ it just makes me happy

I love my aprons, they make me smile ;-)

I love pretty linens ~

I love pretty things ~

Freshly pressed linens just make my day.  They make my heart sing ~

Do they make your heart sing too?

This was a little surprise.  Last year, Mr. Vintage bought a hyacinth for me.  Well, when it's blooms had expired, I put it in the basement.  Well lo and behold ~ I went in the basement and here it is ~ once again growing and trying to bloom ~

I can't wait for spring ~





  1. Girl
    It is cold down below you in Missouri also. Minus zero last couple mor Also your pretty ironed linens.
    I guess us vintage gals all like the same things
    I love that pretty pitcher with the pearls hanging out of it.

  2. Warmer here today, hope you are keeping warm.....lovely pictures, want Spring too, Blessings Francine.

  3. I love vintage linens, too. You have some pretty pastels in your decor that makes it look like Spring! Love lots of quilts when it's so cold and some of mine have the lighter colors. And what a pretty plant. Enjoy your weekend! Stay warm!

  4. Hi Marianne, you have such pretty vignettes around your home. I love the sweet aprons hanging on the green hook thing. They are so pretty! That's nice that your hyacinth will bloom again. I love the perfume of them. Enjoy the weekend. Pamela

  5. How much of a summer and spring do you guys get there? Probably was the best place for that plant and then it came back.

  6. You have such a pretty collection of vintage linens! I only have a few, but it's growing. I'm a bit more obsessed with kitchen glass, lol. I saw "Vintage Gal" on someone's blog and had to visit. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It
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  7. I always hate January. Done with the snow even though I like it. Bring on spring. All your pinks brightened my day!

  8. I have always loved linens and lace! There is something so delicate and beautiful about them. Lovingly designed maybe? Like us! Thanks for sharing your loves. Beautiful aprons too! Hope you're staying warm! Brrrrr!!!
    Blessings, Diane

  9. Oh yes, there's nothing prettier than old linens and some lace...
    so happy for your gift of early Spring...what a treat!

  10. Spring can't get here soon enough. Your pretty treasures put a smile on my face, love all your beautiful pinks.

  11. This post lifts up my spirits! What a great stash of goodies you have! LOVE the pitcher and all your beautiful linens.
    Right now here in Germany it's all gray and rainy all the time. Hope Spring is coming soon.


  12. Hi Marianne, thanks so much for stopping by FAR:-) Love those aprons!

  13. Oh my, you have a very pretty collection of vintage the delicate laces! And that pitcher is absolutely gorgeous with the pearls hanging from it....pretty things make me smile as well! I am so glad the hyacinths surprised you with lovely new blooms:) Stay warm and safe! Thanks for sharing your pretties with us! Hugs, Poppy

  14. Hi Marianne, it was great to see another girl from Ontario!! Thank you for your very kind comment and also for the beautiful touches of Spring on your vintage loves too, N.xo

  15. Marianne, I Love linens as well and have a nice variety of such. Yet, it was only this past Christmas that I bought myself my very first apron! My mom never used one so it wasn't something I really ever thought about, so now, at 55 and widowed, I own an apron :) Loved visiting again!

  16. I love all your vintage linens - they are so beautiful and feminine!

  17. I love all of your aprons! And the shelf with all the treasures on it is just lovely too :)

  18. So much wonderful vintage goodness!!
    Mary Alice

  19. just found you through Aiken Home and Gardens. Love your vintage linens. I, too, love pretty things.