Sunday, January 19, 2014

decorating with Mr. Vintage

hello my friends ~

As you know, we have had very blustery and wintery weather here in Ontario -

My patio furniture has all but disappeared ~

The wind has been howling ~

and I mean howling ~ this is the show  blowing off of the roofs of the neighbors.

So, as much as I love the outdoors, I have stayed inside and have been puttering around ~

I love to tweak and decorate ~

set up little vignettes ~

Well, yesterday Mr. Vintage and I paid a visit to our local antique store.  I really was looking for a white enamelware funnel.  I have one, but Mr. V. took it to the garage and after pouring Lord knows what in that funnel, I gave it to him.  It was plastic (didn't really like it).

Well, we found two of the little gems.  

This morning I woke up and found this in the kitchen ~

Ahem,  Mr. Vintage thought that the funnels should be with my enamelware utensil hanger ;-)

I don't think these will stay here ~

I think they look rather funny.  But from a man's point of view (speaking garage/shop talk), that is probably a very good place for them ~ in plain view ;-)

What do you think?

Have you been treasure hunting lately?  Do tell…..




  1. Oh Yes tehe men are so sweet sometimes-I like them there :)

  2. My husband is always 'decorating' and he loves to move things around and see how long it takes for me to notice! haha! I took the whole month off from thrift shopping. It's been hard! lol Enjoy your day....stay warm my friend!

  3. Cute! It does look like something a man would do ;). I don't blame you for staying in! Our winds haven't been too bad this winter thankfully. Happy tweaking!

  4. Ha Ha! At least he put it in with the same thing! It is fun to tweak here and there. I love it to. Which antique store did you shop at?
    It is windy out but at least the sun is shining now!
    Blessings, Diane

  5. The enamelware hanger is striking!!! He was trying to be matchy matchy--not knowing sometimes it doesn't work--thoughtful though. We are just having the huge winds and cold-not all the snow, but there is a lot of winter yet. Found you from Lavender Dreams.

  6. It looks cold and blustery there Marianne. We are getting a light snowfall this afternoon - the first in over 2 weeks as we've been in a January thaw the last week. Love your new funnels! Have a good week ahead.

  7. Those funnels are so cute! Men think so differently than we do!! LOL


  8. Actually they ARE charming there with your other enamelware utensils. Maybe you should leave them there for a few days at least! The snow pictures make me shiver....maybe it will warm up soon!

  9. Our weather here in Manitoba has been wild this winter. The windchill has been very cold! I love the funnels, they are very nice and yes, they probably need to go somewhere else... just saying. :) Have a good week and I hope your wind dies down for good.

  10. Cute little funnels. They are just fine there, what a sweet gesture!

  11. LOL, That looks like something my husband would do. Lucky you finding the funnels, but all that snow? I'd be stuck inside..but then y'all are used to that much snow. We rarely get any this far south, and I'm glad for that. It's beautiful though.

  12. I love enamelware. What a treasure!

  13. Ha, that is definitely the way a man would decorate. Love those funnels. I can remember growing up in Ontario and the wonderful snowy world outside. xo Laura

  14. I am dying to tweak our home, but right now just cleaning it up. We are suppose to get snow tomorrow about 3 to 8 inches, depending where you live.

  15. Wonderful finds, and I think it's so sweet that he did this for you! :)

    You are getting quite the winter this year. Stay in and be cozy, Marianne!


  16. Oh I love your enamelware! So pretty! And I've never seen a utensil holder like that before. I love it!

  17. I love little vignettes. Yours are so clever . . .