Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sunny Saturday ~

Good morning everyone ~ I apologize that I have been missing, but Mr. Vintage has been going through some tests and we have been at the hospital alot lately. Hopefully, the tests will come back good ~ Please say a prayer for him

Well, my Sunflower is shining it's bright face upon the back yard ~ that is definitely something to smile about ;-)

She stands very tall ~

I planted a few of these, but she is the lone survivor of the hot hot temps and the dry dry weather.  Well, I am lucky to have one ~

Fall is in the air ~ my garden is just about done ~  Some of you asked about my little "Hillbilly" shack in the back yard.  It's my little potting shed that Mr. Vintage made for me ~ we have decorated it up ~

Just perfect for a Hillbilly shack ~ don't you think?

Now, I must show you what I made out of an old window ~

Mr. Vintage hung it on my green house, but I may hang it in front of our big window in the family room ~ hmmm ~ decisions, decisions

What do you think?  Tell me, your opinion counts so much

Have a wonderful Saturday my friends ~




  1. Hi Marianne!!!
    Sweet sunflower and I love your window...looks perfect as a backdrop to your adorable garden rooster!!! Hope Mr. Vintage is ok...prayed for him today!!!
    Blessings Sweetie...

  2. I love the hillybilly shack. That is just great.
    You have so much to look at all of the time.
    Have a great Saturday! I will be cleaning my chicken coop. :)

  3. I hope all turns out well for mr vintage. What did you do to the window to make it look like that?

  4. Oh my goodness Marianne! I LOVE the hillbilly shack - it is the cutest thing!! Your window is pretty...what did you use? glass stones? it's very fun!
    Know that we will keep Mr. V in our prayers that all goes well!

  5. Oh how I love your hillbilly shack! You really have some neat decor on it for sure. The window is really pretty and might look nice indoors too. Try it, take a picture and show us. I pray your hubby's tests will come out okay. Have an enjoyable weekend. hugs, Pam

  6. My thoughts are with you and your Sweetie! Your Hillbilly shack is a perfect potting shed and great addition to your garden. Have a good weekend and I just know things are going to turn for your Mr.

  7. I would bring that window inside! It's beautiful! I hope your hubby does well, too! Take care...both of you! ♥

  8. Beautiful pictures, love the sunflower, one of my favorites. Prayers for Mr. Vintage.

  9. Love your window right where it stands.

    Sending ~healing~ thoughts to Mr. V.

  10. ahhhhh....Now I know about the Hillbilly shack. It is FUN. It is fun to have a place to use our imagination and Create a space.

    that is a HUGE sunflower...I love them, I don't think it stays warm enough here in Alberta to grow one.

  11. Praying for Mr. Vintage. I love your Hillbilly shack! :) And your window is wonderful. That IS a very tall sunflower! I love the hibiscus too.
    Enjoy the will soon end.

  12. Now I must have a "hillbilly" shack of my own!! It reminds me of the bayou, mystical, with a touch of romance =) Have a great weekend!! Xoxoxo

  13. Love your cottage to nice to be hillybilly's!
    I am sorry for Mr. health issues...will be sending out thoughts and prayers.

  14. Loving your sweet ol' hillbilly shack!
    Hoping everything turns out ok with your honey!

  15. Oh to have a Mr Vintage and a hillbilly shed like that.
    That is the cutest back yard shed I have seen this summer in blog land

    hope all goes well with you two