Saturday, August 20, 2011

Music to my ears ~

Happy Saturday everyone ~

I have been busy fluffing my nest with my latest found treasures ~ fluffing my nest always makes me happy. 

Do you like to fluff your nest?

I was fluffing and thinking how much I enjoy writing letters and cards, as I was dusting my antique ink well

I love antique calling cards ~ I wish the practice of leaving them with friends would resume.  It would be such fun ;-)

In the middle of my fluffing, Mr. Vintage called me to come and see what he found ~
A vintage stereo and turntable ~ oh my~!
This side lights up and has glass shelving with a mirror on the bottom.

We are redoing our family room and I KNOW we will enjoy listening to this little beauty ...and... it works ~ ahhh, music to my ears ~  Mr. Vintage ~ you are incredible ;-)

What treasures do you love to fluff with?

Can't wait to hear from you



  1. Marianne
    You really have some nice treasures! I especially love that bowl.
    I also would love to have a greenhouse like yours from your last post. I really need one up here in the north-our growing season is so short.
    I'm not fluffy-I'm de-cluttering right now. Then I can fluff!

  2. I LOVE letter writing and all the accessories that go with that. Your ink well and calling cards are wonderful.


  3. Marianne, Isn't it fun to "fluff"? I love looking at my favorite things or finding things in a closet I'd forgotten about since last season.Your S&P set and antique ink well are so pretty. Have fun "fluffing" this weekend. I need to "un-fluff" and put some things away.

  4. What a great find! I saw one something like that not too long ago on a curb, I wanted to take it home so badly, but I knew that I did not have room for it. So, I left it. I'm glad your Mr. picked this one up for you!
    Hugs, cidny

  5. I'm thinking about fluffing a bit too. Maybe put away the seashells? I know summer isn't over yet. I love your antique ink well. Beautiful! I have a similar hand calling card holder too! That old stereo is very interesting indeed. I've never seen anything like that one before. Enjoy your fluffing. Hugs, Pamela

  6. Every treasure I own! Which is being whittled down. I so enjoy fluffing!

  7. I love to play house! Or like one of my favorite blogs calls it..poofing the pillows! It's nice to rearrange things are put out something 'new'! I love this big stereo! You will really enjoy it! What a great find...give that hubby a HUG! ♥

  8. What an incredible find!!! Mr Vintage done good, real good LOL! I saw your comment at Loot and decided to read your blog. We have a lot in common so I'm now a follower. Feel free to pop over and see me too if you want! I love fluffing my nest - dusting it? Not so much, but it all goes together, right? I love mercury glass, candles, architectural pieces, French influences, old world style, vintage, lots of things! Take care, Leena

  9. You always have such fun things. I do enjoy seeing your treasures. I always have enjoyed playing house too. I think it would be neat to return to calling cards too, and hats and gloves and dressing up.

  10. You found some great treasures! I especially love the ink well and calling cards.
    Your hubby did good with his find too! Not too many turntables out there anymore..not around these parts anyway!

  11. That Mr.Vintage....what a cool cat he is :) Bet you both will have a lot of fun with that find Marianne! Yes, I love fluffing.....when I have the time - it's the best entertainment a girl can have!!

  12. What exactly IS a calling card and how were they used in the day?

  13. Mr. Vintage is a keeper! I also love calling cards and writing personal notes to dear friends and family. Enjoy..


  14. What lovely finds.......I love vintage things and love strolling through antique shops. The antique ink holder and pen set is beautiful.

    Also, I scrolled down (as I've been away for a bit) and saw your green house. Aren't they so fun. We got one last year and this was actually the first year we were able to really use it. I love it.....we even put a little bistro set in there and would go in and play cards (before it got to hot)..........I want to know more about the fun little shed/house in the back.

  15. What a fun stereo! Yes, I love fluffing better than anything! I think it would be neat to trade blogger cards. YOU could be in charge! Haha!

  16. I'm certainly a fluffer too. You've got some cute things to fluff with. Mimi