Sunday, August 14, 2011

My greenhouse and some Treasures ~

Good morning everyone ~ I hope your weekend is going well.

I have had some e mails asking for some pictures of my green house ~ I love my green house ~ it makes me smile

Mr. Vintage built this green house for me a couple of years ago ~ Mr. Vintage is the best ;-)
And now a few treasures that I picked up this weekend

Isn't this little footed bowl the sweetest?

I just had to have this sea grass chair ~

My friend Karen gave me these.  Even though the yellow one does not have a mate and is cracked, some one has to love it ~ Don't you agree?

Well, today Mr. Vintage and I are going grocery shopping and maybe hit a few yard sales along the way ~ and then the best part ~ we're going to relax ~ ahhhhh

What are you doing today?

Can't wait to hear ~




  1. oh I love that chair yes please let me find one too.

  2. Love your green house and the footed bowl. we are off to a family gathering today

  3. Love the chair. Your greenhouse looks wonderful, nice to have a built in handyman! Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. My husband built me a greenhouse last summer and I love!
    Love your chair, great find.

  5. I would have bought everything, that bowl is beautiful. I'd love to have a greenhouse if only I had more room in the yard. Thanks for sharing it with us:-)

  6. Your greenhouse is lovely! You are very blessed to have one of those, you can grown just about anything if you have a greenhouse.
    I would like to know more about the little shed sitting at the back, it looks like a wonderful old cottage, have you shown photos of it before?
    With today being Sunday, we went to Church this morning and now I am relaxing on the computer after making a delicious strawberry-rhubarb crisp.
    Have a lovely day!
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. I love your greenhouse and like Cindy, I'd like to see more of your shed too! It looks wonderful. The bowl you found is sweet. We went to a Sunday wedding of my sweet niece and her now husband. Such a beautiful couple and a wonderful wedding day!

  8. Thanks for the greenhouse pics. Me and my hubby got one 3 years ago for our anniversary gift to each other. We love it, hard to keep it heated in the winter here in Kansas, some winters we have more luck than others, but it's still fun and love looking out the kitchen window on those freezing cold days to see flowers blooming. I'm envious of your cottage, looks so cute. .

  9. Great greenhouse! It's on my wish list. Beautiful spot at the lake. Mimi

  10. I absolutely love the greenhouse!!!! Its so lovely, just like the whole post! Lucky gal! ^.^


  11. Love your greenhouse, your garden and your blog! So look, you have a new follower, from Germany!

  12. The greenhouse is so sweet...Mr.V did a great job! Love your little treasures...who wouldn't want that solo shaker!!!

  13. What a sweet back yard! That is a wonderful green house. But I do love that chair!

  14. Cute new finds, terrific greenhouse and great-looking chairs. Guess you are beginning to see signs of Fall? No's a long way off, like December.