Monday, July 11, 2011

A very special place ~

Happy Tuesday everyone ~ I want to share with you a special place that Mr. Vintage and I visit ~ not as often as I would like...but...

Mr. Vintage has a friend who lives 5 miles down the road from us and owns this beautiful property which is on Cedar Creek (crick as we call it in Harrow).  What a lovely relaxing place to be ~
We love to come here and sit and relax ~ all you hear are birds and the wind occasionally.
We are planning a getaway here with the camper.  No hydro, no nothing (Well, ladies, there is an outhouse).  A complete and total getaway for a couple of days ~

What do you think about a getaway with no conveniences for a couple of days?

Let me know ~ I would love to hear from you





  1. What a great place for camping! I love creeks so much - my husband and I went to one Sunday and just waded in the water.

    I'm from Michigan and we called them "cricks" too.

  2. when I was a kid my parents use to rent a real log cabin moss between the logs etc. on a lake it was a hunting camp. no electic, no bathroom(out house), water that you pumped into a black cast iron sink. When we were little it was fun throw a teenager in there it was a horror. So not so much for me I have a hard time with an outhouse.
    good luck and have fun

  3. No bathroom, no shower, no running water???? I dunno if I would like that. I have never been a camper though. It is really beautiful there and you do have a cute little trailer to sleep in.


  4. It sounds both relaxing and fun!!
    And your site looks very peaceful.
    I used to camp with my cousins when I was a kid. It was like being in a playhouse.
    Have a great time!

  5. Hi Marianne!
    Oooo that sounds like a fine getaway to me and what a great place to go! I miss doing things like that here in Kansas but when I lived in the mountains in British Columbia we used to just take our camper and follow a logging road to a good spot and spend the night or the whole weekend. Your friends huge! I hope you get to do that soon...don't forget to take your camera ;) Have a wonderful week!
    Maura :)

  6. Sounds like a great adventure! Two days would probably be my limit without facilities, though. I'm spoiled after having a camper with all the necessities.

  7. What a beautiful spot! I'm sure you'll be very relaxed there. At least there's an outhouse! I hope you take pics of how you managed cooking without electricity, or do you have gas/propane. Have fun! Pamela

  8. Sounds like a very relaxing getaway!
    We usally go tent camping every summer. Love the stillness and the beauty but without facilities
    I can only last about 3 days. Where we go they do have restrooms though, so not so bad.
    Have lot's of fun!

  9. That crick is as large as a river. I would love a get-away like that. I don't need electricity to live. Just so I don't have to sleep in a tent, I hate tents and sleeping on the ground, mainly just because I will spend every night sleepless if I try that.
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. Those photos are absolutely gorgeous! Don't know about the trip without amenities... You're far braver than I am.

  11. I'd love a getaway but not sure about the no conveniences part!

  12. What a beautiful place...Enjoy your time there.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  13. Not sure about the facilities :) lol! It's breathtakingly beautiful though enjoy yourselves! We're heading up to Lake Huron this week for a relaxing time!
    Happy Friday!
    Karla & Karrie

  14. Such a beautiful place! It reminds me of the places where we recently spent time with our little, cabin-on-wheels and boat on our vacation here in Oregon.