Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun places to visit ~

Good Morning everyone ~ I hope your week has started off well. 

The top picture is one of the places that Mr. Vintage and I visited.  What a glorious place to shop ~
Here is one of the houses in a little town called Sparta.  Isn't it adorable ~
Then there is this little place.  It sells the most yummy candles.  You can visit them here

The architecture of the houses is just wonderful ~

and look at this lovely little lane that we drove down ~ sigh ~

A beautiful barn ~

Then back on the road to the camper
What a wonderful relaxing weekend ~
What do you do to relax? ~ Please share with me




  1. I take pictures and blog about them. :-) And I garden and read too. But if I read too long I fall asleep. I guess that is more relaxing than anything else I do. I love the picture of the house in Sparta. Ontario has some wonderful old homes and I love the stone ones. Enjoy the rest of the week and stay cool! Blessings, Pamela

  2. How beautiful are those homes Id love to live in one down that lane on my acres of land Dreamer I am .

  3. We usually drive to a sandy beach and swim and lounge.
    I enjoy seeing the neat shops and homes. We don't have any like these near us now.
    But we have a big Canadian carver gift shop north of us we occasionally visit.

  4. We live in a tourist area lots of lakes and mountains We just bought kayaks and take them out after dinner some nights it is peaceful and amazing it restores our souls.

  5. I love to relax this way! Thank you for sharing your ventures - wish I had been along to share them with you. I love the little Victorian shop and the architechture!

  6. The tree canopied lane, the old architecture... I LOve it!

  7. Lovely pictures, I am glad you had such a nice time.
    I relax, by watching chickens. :)

  8. Oh, what a lovely trip -- thanks for taking us along :)


  9. What a nice place to visit!
    Darling Marianne thank you for visiting me
    Have a nice day

  10. Love the barn shot. I garden, read and hike for relaxation. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  11. Thanks for the little tour this morning...LOVE the shot of the wagon wheels!

  12. Everything picture looked wonderful..Loving the wagon wheels.xx

  13. What a lovely trip you are one. Your trailor is dang cute.
    I absolutely fell in love with that lane. and the houses, well, just all of it looks fabulous.
    I am taking my FIRST trip to Ontario next week....Plantagenet, to hook up with a friend. We will also see Montreal which will be a thrill for me.

  14. I love to visit small towns with beautiful shops like these! To relax? We went online and looked at campers yesterday! heehee! We are SO in the mood to go somewhere! ♥

  15. I usually take photos to relax. Your photos, by the way, are restful and superb! Love the details on that architecture.

  16. The garden tour looks gorgeous and the house is beautiful. I am sure you can get lots of great ideas going on garden tours. These all photographs are best for relax.