Sunday, July 10, 2011

Supervised Play Date ~

Happy Sunday ~

Mr. Vintage and I supervised a play date with the chickens last night ~ what fun!
They ran straight for the red current bush (I've been feeding them red currents for a treat ;-)
It wasn't long before Rosie was off and running ~
Rosie even let me pick her up and pet her ~ she's my little chickie

The chickens really had fun running around the yard... then it was bedtime and they all went into their coop.  They were very tired.  We'll have many more play dates with the chickens ~
Have a wonderful day ~
What are you doing today for enjoyment?




  1. how cute.....I am afraid I would never be able to catch them!

  2. What kind of chickens are the black & white ones? All of them are beautiful but those really caught my eye!

  3. Love the chicks! Must be great fun having them.
    Liz (Shortbread & Ginger)

  4. Your girls are so cute! I bet you've had some fun with them. Hope you are enjoying today.


  5. These are just adorable! I love chickens and yours are the sweetest! :) I wanna pet a chicken too! >.<
    This is just so sweet!


  6. Marianne, Your chickens are so cute. Are they laying yet? Thanks for sharing your play date with them.

  7. Hi Marianne,
    What a great post! Your chickens are beautiful! I enjoy poultry so much. I raised turkeys when my son was just over a year old. There was one that was not accepted amongst the other turkeys and he became my sons pet, it would let him pick it up and carry him around and it would sit beside him. I made sure that he did it carefully, but it was so fun to watch.
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Your hens are beautiful! Is Rosie a Rhode Island Red? Do all your hens have names? I would love to have chickens, not allowed in our part of town. So I enjoy them through my blogging friends - thanks for sharing the play date with us!

  9. How precious! You are lucky to have chickens running free in your yard...Oh how I dream for the simple country life...Have a fabulous week my dear friend! Xoxoxo

  10. Hi Marianne, I was so excited to see that you have visited, its been awhile and we so need to catch up here. I am going to treasure your comment on my French home!

    I so wish I had chickens, you would think I did but I don't and would love to have a coop of my own :) Thank you for sharing your family of chicks with us.
    You have inspired a coop of sorts for myself, it seems to be the big hip trend to do in our cottage world.

  11. When we first moved to the farm we didn't have any flower or vegetable gardens to worry about so we just let them free range all the time. THEN we got a pup..but he wasn't the was our little female Shih Tzu who started teaching the pup to chase the chickens when we weren't home. Then things got serious so we had to pen the chickens up. Now we too have 'play dates' with our chickens letting them out for a spell before their bedtime. The dogs keep their distance..the pup is all grown up and is a good boy but still a problem. Oh well...such is life. Enjoy your chickens!
    Maura :)

  12. Oh Marianne,
    They're beautiful! Can't believe how big they've gotten. Sounds like you all had fun play date.

    Hugs and Kisses,