Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Renovation ~

Hello my friends ~ I have missed you so ~

My computer went on the fritz and then Mr. V. decided he wanted to do a countertop restoration ~ sigh ~ at Christmas time?

I did not like my old counter tops.  They were pressed board wooden look ~ and with an old house, they were old ~

Mr. Vintage heard about the product Rustoleum countertop restoration.  He decided we needed to try it ;-)

We sanded down the countertops ~

If you decide to do this, PLEASE remember to tape and cover your cupboards.  This stuff is really messy ~

You paint the cupboard with the base coat and while it is still wet one person sprays the adhesive and the other uses a little spreader to spread the paint chips.  The counter is very rough at this point ~ then you sand them down and apply your top coat ~

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my countertops now ~ just beautiful and the best part is ....

While the "paint was drying", we went to an estate sale and just LOOK what Mr. Vintage picked up for me ~

A beautiful vintage dough board.  Ofcourse, it didn't look like this when we bought it, but Mr. Vintage worked his magic and oiled it with mineral oil.  It has such a beautiful patina ~

It goes perfect with my HUGE vintage rolling pin. 

Now I'm off to make some bread ~ yummmmmm

What are you doing today?

Are you ready for Christmas?

After the counter restoration ~ I am ready for Christmas ~ ahhhhh ~ time to relax




  1. That dough board is fabulous!! What a great find.

    The counter tops looks great. Isn't it amazing the things you can do with paint?

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Very difficult to go without a computer! Good job. Your counter-tops look amazing! I love the up-grade. I had no idea you could do that. Smart!!! Your dough board is fabulous. Merry Christmas!

  3. Glad your computer is up and running ! WOW! counters look great . I have had a rolling pin like that for years I bought it new guess they are vintage now lol ! Oh I do like that dough board ! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas .

  4. I'm amazed at how well the countertops look! What a great DIY project. Also love the dough board :-) I used mine yesterday... works great. Hope you're back to baking now that you have your kitchen back!
    luv ya! K

  5. Looks wonderful, loooove the vintage dough board, I'm looking for one.......Merry Christmas, Francine.

  6. Wow, that stuff is amazing! Your countertops look beautiful Marianne. It's a bad time of year for renos but we have done that before at Christmas time too. Crazy eh? I hope you and your family have a very blessed Christmas. Hugs, Pamela

  7. Your counter top looks amazing!!! I know you must be very happy with it, it's a huge upgrade!
    Hugs, cindy

  8. Absolutely awesome job on those countertops. They look wonderful. I've seen that stuff in Lowes but didn't think it would really work. And obviously it does cuz yours look great!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow - your countertops came out gorgeous! I completely missed this post over the holidays, but I'm so glad I found it now. I'm using the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit - hope it comes out half as beaitifully.