Sunday, October 14, 2012

Changes ~

Happy Sunday my friends ~ I hope all is well with you ~

As you know, there are big changes happening at the Vintage residence ~ our Britt is spreading her wings and has found her own nest.  She will be moving November 13, so we have been busy packing (I didn't know how much stuff a 23 year old could have~!)

It's a beautiful fall day and as I stroll through the back yard, it seems that my flowers are trying to give me one last show, stretching their blooms up to the sun to find warmth ~

Soon they will be in a deep wintery slumber ~

I am enjoying their last show ~ just for me ;-)

Even my little garden fairy seems to be pondering the fall season.  Her wings are a little crooked, but I love her still ~

My girls are even enjoying this lovely fall weather ~ just a peckin' and a scratchin'

Rosie always enjoys herself and likes to take a stroll with me through the yard ~

Hey ~ wait for me~!  (that's Gabbie)

Mr. Vintage and I have put the house on the market for sale ~ we've decided the house is just too big for the two of us ~

Now, we have to find a house ~ there are other changes happening too ~  I'll share them with you next time.

What are you doing today?  Have you gone through any changes?

Can't wait to hear from you




  1. What a bittersweet time for you. It is so exciting to see our children fly but a little sad at the same time. And moving on top of it. I didn't do any housecleaning yesterday so that is on the agenda for today since hubby has a week of and I don't want to spend it cleaning the house. I hope your changes are welcome ones.

  2. Lovely photos ! It is just starting to get sunny here still a lot of thick cloud floating around thought ! Selling your home ? that's a big change for sure , hope you find exactly what your looking for sometimes it can be tuff . No big changes here just same old same old ! Have a good day !

  3. I guess we've been through the changes long ago and have adjusted. We didn't downsize our house as it's not very big anyway. It's amazing the blooming still going on in the garden isn't it? Have a great week!

  4. I am holding you in my thoughts and heart as you cross this threshold. It is an adjustment, but with time things seem to be routine. I still miss being with my daughter everyday, making our visits so special.

  5. How exciting for Britt to have her own place. Downsizing is a big job and I can't believe our move was over a year ago... time flies so fast! Enjoy your house hunt!


  6. Hello. Marianne your flowers are still so are your cute....Happy house hunting....big change for sure....Just cleaning up the last of the flower beds for winter today.... Blessings Francine.

  7. O, Marianne it's been far to long in between our visits, and I must catch up.
    What a happy sad moment for you to pack and. Move your daughter, mine is following close behind yours starting to spread her wings as well, I am trying to feather her next way to comfortable so she will stay a while longer:)
    Your Rosie, and Gabby are so cute, can I s ay they are cute?
    I have been giving it lots of thought in the building of some sort of chicken coop and making a home for a few girls myself. How beautiful to have a nest of fresh eggs.

    Thank you for your beautiful visit and encouraging comment to my French chest and my farmers market stool I built, I am going to be adding them in my etsy in about a good week!

    Keep inspiring all the beauty you surround yourself with we love it.
    Blessings to your little bird and her family


  8. Lovely blooms and chickens too! Best wishes on finding your dream home. I know the perfect place is just waiting for you and Mr. V.

  9. Putting the house up for sale do have some major changes coming up. Our flowers have long gone. We have already had snow, it supposed to get more this weekend. Winter is upon us.
    What changes in my life....sheeesh, I'm still trying to adjust from all my changes from the past 3 years.
    new marriage
    move far away from my kids
    death of a son
    itty bitty house in the country where I know, no one
    WINTER....looooong winters
    changes for sure.

  10. I enjoyed your blog post! It is amazing how much one can accumulate, even a 23 year old. lol I saw on your sidebar the photo of your 'little girl.' A Westie? What a sweet little dog. It is so hard to lose them. We just lost our 12 1/2 year old cat last week and we cried like babies. The pets have been here most of our kids' growing up years! I love the photos of your beautiful chickens. I'd love to have chickens, but my big German Shepherd would probably give them way too vigorous a welcome. Have a lovely week. Nice to have found you. I'm your newest follower. You're welcome to stop in sometime at Cranberry Morning!

  11. Everything is still green and lush at your house, Marianne! How beautiful it all is.
    Big changes for sure! It's bittersweet when our children grow up and move out - we miss them, but our hearts stay with them every step of the way.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment over at my blog - I am touched by the love in your words.

  12. Selling a house is such a big change!!! Love your flowers and Rosie is a cutie!!!