Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Beautiful Fall Morning ~

Happy Saturday my friends ~ I hope all of you are doing well~

It is a beautiful fall morning here in Ontario.  The air is crisp and clean and smells like all things fall.  It was quite chilly here last night 35 degrees ~ perfect for sleeping.  In fact, I slept in today.

I usually get up around 6:00 a.m., but this morning I heard Mr. Vintage in the kitchen making coffee and I just wanted to savour my warm bed ~

Do you feel like that sometimes?

It is supposed to be a beautiful day today ~  I wonder what I will do.  I feel kind of lazy today ~ Maybe I will have a ME day ;-)

I think Sofie feels kind of lazy too ~

As I sit here, Sofie is sleeping on my lap taking a cat nap ~

Let me show you the treasures that Mr. Vintage picked up this week for me ~

This beautiful candle stand.  I haven't found it's permanent home yet ~ but I just love it ~

Love all the chippy character ~

These little swing hooks ~

Love the rusty crusty finish ~ I think Mr. Vintage is getting it.  If it's rusty crusty ~ I love it ~

He also picked up this 30 gallon crock ~

Now, what am I going to put in this little beauty?  If you have any ideas ~ please let me know.

What are you doing today?  Are you going to have a lazy day?

Can't wait to hear from you ~




  1. Oh, Mr. did great! My first day of a 2 week vacation. Just sitting her typing with Boots on my lap..we are both cold 38 here and it was 83 day before yesterday. Have a great Saturday!

  2. It looks gorgeous there! That crock is really something! Enjoy your day!

  3. Hello Marianne, beautiful Fall pictures, love this time of year, sites, the smell, so wonderful. Mr. Vintage sure found some great goodies, love the old swing hooks. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, we are celebrating Sunday with family, food and fun, much to be thankful for. Enjoy, Blessings Francine.

  4. Beautiful pics Marianne. It's warm here today but I think we'll be getting your chilly weather tomorrow night. Your Mr. Vintage is a great shopper! I have an old 2 gallon crock that I use for my daily newspapers. I keep them and the flyers in it all week until I put them in the recycle bin. I have also used it for magazines. Have a blessed thanksgiving weekend! Pamela

  5. G'day~Loving the swing hooks and the crock what a find.I store magazines in mine.I am having lazy days at the Beach it's beautiful here this weekend.Enjoy your weekend~Cheers Kim

  6. Happy Thanksgiving my Canadian Friend! You found some great treasures... we stored some wood for the fireplace in our big old crock. Have a wonderful weekend!


  7. Lovely photos ! Yup the weather here is windy and chilly BURR ! the kind of day ya just want to snuggle up with a good book , movie or two and the fireplace going. Papa slept in today as he is up early Mon - Fri so he had a lie in this morning . I was up early had my tea and started laundry . Papa stocked up on some wood in the wood shed earlier today after making another wood stand . Other then that we have just been puttering . Going for Thanksgiving supper with family tonight . Hope you have Happy Thanksgiving weekend !

  8. Hello Marianne,
    I'm a new follower from South Carolina where is was 83 degrees today. Husband and I took everything out of the garage and cleaned and cleaned while he listened to football. I love cleaning out the garage in October! Enjoy your blog! Have a great week coming up!