Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello my friends ~ we have been busy around the Vintage Home ~

We had a new roof put on the house on Saturday and then ~ well, we (have)  now had this walnut tree in our front yard.  It was very messy and the walnuts just killed the grass.  Frankly, Mr. Vintage and I were tired of picking up the walnuts.

We hired someone to cut it down.  As much as I really did not want to (yes, I am a tree lover), we had to do it ~

There he is ~ this man was like a monkey.  He would shimmy up that tree and just cut, cut, cut.  I was in awe ~ he knows his craft VERY well.

It was really unbelievable that one man could take down such a huge tree.

Now you can see the house.  See all the dead grass?  That is what a walnut tree does.  The nuts have a toxin in them that kills grass.

Well, I was so pleased I had to decorate the porch for fall ~

I didn't have any straw, so I used pine chip that I use for the chicken coop.  Sorry girls, mommy needed it to decorate ;-)

I had to use my little scarecrow that Mr. Vintage bought me ~

and ofcourse, my little broom that Mr. Vintage picked up at a yard sale ~

Mr. Vintage and I went for a ride and picked these up.  Aren't they just beautiful?

Such a beautiful colour ~

We have been keeping busy, I think it's very healthy to keep busy sometimes, Don't you?

Thank you SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart for all of the well wishes, thoughts and prayers ~

What have you been up to?

Can't wait to hear ;-)




PS. The roses at the top were from Mr. Vintage for our anniversary.  I just love the smell ~ He's a keeper

~ XO to you Mr. Vintage ~


  1. What lovely anniversary roses and how special! Happy Anniversary to you both! We had 2 huge walnut trees in our side yard at our last house and they sure were a mess. We had one cut was leaning but we wished we had them both taken out. It's amazing to watch the tree cutters...they are scarey! Your house is so beautiful and your porch looks so cute now!

  2. Funny, we have a black walnut tree in the problems with our grass and we have a garden underneath with peonies, bee balm etc? Yes the walnuts are a mess, hearing them hit the grill etc. But we just live with it because it is in the backyard.
    Happy Anniversary!!

  3. I love my walnuts and trees but in the front yard not so much! It sure opened it up and maybe you can't plant another kind of tree to replace it.I wish we had more property to have fruit and nut trees.Happy Anniversary~Chow Kim

  4. The roses ARE beautiful for sure. It must have been a hard decision for you to that that tree cut down....but I can imagine Picking up all the walnuts would get OLD. And it seemed to dwarf you house eh...What a cute house and porch you have.

  5. Cutting a tree down is a tough decision, but I know you'll love having a pretty lawn in the spring. Gorgeous flowers, by the way!!!