Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bittersweet ~

Hello ~  I hope all is well with you ~

Today, is a bittersweet kind of day ~ 

Our Brittany and her boyfriend Francis, have put an offer in on a home.  They have just found out that it was accepted.  Ofcourse, Mr. Vintage was with them looking everywhere in that house.  He wants the best for Britt.  He was there when the home inspector went through ~ The home inspector told Mr. Vintage that he should be a home inspector~!

We are so pround of them.  They are moving on to the next phase in their relationship.  Mr. Vintage just knows she wil be fine. I am  happy, excited, and looking forward to seeing them in their new home.  My little girl is spreading her wings ~ she is ready to fly ~

I am also a little sad.  You see, Britt and I talk all the time.  We hang out on the front porch and just yack about everything.  We sit and drink tea and sometimes say ~ nothing at all.   I am really going to miss that.

She is a delight to have around.  She is funny, witty ~ sometimes  serious, and just a wonderful person ~ and she is my baby ~ my little baby girl.

As I write this, there are sooo many emotions going through my mind and my heart and soul ~

They are such a beautiful couple ~ don't you think?

I guess it's time for us to move on to the next phase of our life "the empty nesters".

Have you gone through the empty nest stage?  Please let me know ~ I am listening to any advice you can give me.

We are so proud of Britt and even though Mr. Vintage is not her biological father, he is proud of her too ~ we both love her soooo much.  I just want the best for her ~ sigh ~



  1. Oh the empty nest how I hated it. We had only the one girl when we dropped her off at college.
    I cried the 3 hour trip home I had no idea how I would carry on without her and all of her friends hanging at the house. I will tell you this find things you can do. Go out with some girlfriends for coffe now and then. The sadness will pass and a whole new part of life will begin.
    good luck

  2. I understand. We have been there for a few years now. It is not the easiest thing I've had to do, but we still talk daily. It seems when I am missing her the most my phone rings, and I hear a "whatcha doin'" just like old times. Hugs to you!

  3. You two have had a rough year and now it is time for happiness. Soon you will be helping her hang curtains and clean her new home...plenty of time for talking and being together, it will just be different as you said.
    My nest has always been empty, so be glad you had a little girl in it to fly away.

  4. I too, have been there Marianne. And it does get easier. Just be thankful she is near by and you can see her often. (our girl is in Alberta!!) It is a new phase for you all. Enjoy it! Hugs, Pamela

  5. You have given her those wings. No one can take those good memories away from either of you. Continued blesssings...

    Love the new header!

  6. It's tough but time will help. It's a new phase in your life too and kind of exciting as to where it will take you. Stay busy, talk to her often and be proud that you raised a wonderful daughter. Deb

  7. A new chapter opening up for both of you, what a sad yet sweet moment! :) Your little girl will still be with you though, how can she not visit her sweet mom?


  8. Yes, I went through this long ago. I was a mother at 17, so at 34 she was 17. By 40 I'd already been an empty nester for some time. It is normal to feel this way. But you will move on to new things and time will pass and the sadness will fade, I promise.

  9. Oh Marianne.....I so understand! Been there, done it.....just let me be frank, IT SUCKS at first! With time it does get better and you learn to make a new life as an empty nester.....then before you know it, you kind of like it and then before you know it comes the grand babies which is sooooooo wonderful!