Friday, September 21, 2012

A little kitchen chair & some burlap

Happy Friday my friends ~ woooo hooooo ;-)

I have been looking for kitchen chairs for my farm house table.  We picked up this one in Sparta.  I really didn't like the colours, but it was a sturdy little chair ~ soooo

Look at her now, all spiffed up with a little bit of creamy light green paint.  I love the way she looks ~

Here is another one that I painted.  Now I have four kitchen chairs.  I just need two more ;-)

I also picked up a lamp recently and the shade left much to be desired ~

I took off the outer shell and scraped off the glue ~ then I looked around the cottage and what did I spy?

some burlap and lace of course ~  I think the shade looks so cute now ~

What do you think?

Saturday and Sunday is the big treasure hunt at the Canadian Transportation Museum.  Lots of shabby chic, antique and you know, junk~!  I can hardly wait to go. 

What have you been doing this week?




  1. How fun to collect your chairs one at a time. So much better than buying a whole set. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. All looks great ! Sparta eh? That town is just a 20 min drive from us ! I love the Tea Room / restaurant / hotel there and the Sparta Candles shop is the best ! I was busy today pulling out summer flowers that have come to an end and putting up fall decor inside and out , I'll post of that for tomorrow ! Have a wonderful weekend !

  3. Those old wooden kitchen chairs are great aren't they? They seem to last a long time. I love the lamp shade. It's really sweet. I hope you have fun at the big sale! How fun that would be. Happy Fall to you.

  4. The chair is just perfect for your kitchen and it's fun to collect them one at a time. Then you won't have matchy matchy! And you can't go wrong with burlap and lace! Lovely for your lamp!

  5. Love your chair and really love your lampshade.


  6. You've found the perfect chairs for your farm table. It's fun that you've found them one at a time! Hope you'll soon find the other two! Love the "new" lampshade!!!

  7. Ohhh pretty chairs!!!!! How adorable are these!!!! I love what you did with the lamp!!


  8. cute cute lampshade! I love old chairs, mismatched in different colors for my kitchen chairs.

  9. The chairs and lampshade are all adorable!

  10. The chair looks brand new and your lamp is just too pretty! You did a great job!

  11. I love to mix and match chairs, and yours are perfect for your farm table.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comments!
    Mary Alice

  12. It's amazing what a little paint can do, great job. I love what you did with the lampshade and how the writing shows on the burlap...looks great with the lace!

  13. I love the creamy green paint on the chair and the lampshade looks wonderful!