Sunday, August 12, 2012

I think I'm tired ~

Hello my friends ~ I am sooooo tired ~ but quite happy ~

This is how my weekend started out ~

Mr. Vintage helped me ~ he peeled them ~

The stewed tomatoes ended up just lovely ~ then, we decided to do another hamper of tomatoes ~ really?

Now, we not only have stewed tomatoes....We have tomato basil sauce and tomatoes, green peppers and onions (I use this to make cabbage rolls)... I'm pooped  ~

Ofcourse, I couldn't be satisfied with all this work, I made soup (an easy peasy dinner)  ~ I think I'm losing it ;-)

The temperature was only 72 degrees when we decided to can.  Perfect Weather.  So...., I had a pork hock and made yellow split pea soup and home made bread.

It was a busy day, but with Mr. Vintage's help, it was really fun ~

Thank you Mr. Vintage for the help.  This winter, we are REALLY going to appreciate all the work. ~

What did you do this weekend?  Do you do any canning?

Please let me know that I am not the only crazy one here ;-)




  1. Oh I think all this looks lovely and delicious! All that work is so worth it dear! :P The soup looks scrumptious!


  2. You are amazing, really. The cans look beautiful and you'll have lots of goodies for this winter. Me? Can? Haha, I once made strawberry jam (in my twenties) - when I was finished, I said to myself, "As long as the grocery stores sell this, I will never make it again!" And I never have. But I'm really proud of those of you who can ;) Mary

  3. The tomatoes are amazing. We used to can them when I was a kid with another family, and those jars bring back such happy memories. You will really appreciate them this winter. Good work!

  4. Your canned tomatoes will all taste so yummy on the cold winter days ahead.

  5. What a good crop ot tomato's! I use to can with my Mom, but not anymore.
    Enjoying cooler weather here too.

  6. No, you're not crazy but you are very energetic to accomplish all of that in one day! Yes, you will really enjoy it this winter, you'll reach for one of those and not even remember the gruelling hours that it took to make it possible.
    Enjoy your week.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. 72 degrees? What a treat!!! Your canned tomatoes look stunning! Enjoy some rest today. You've earned it. Hope Mr. V is feeling fine...

  8. Hey Marianne! I love canning tomoatoes...haven't done any this year though :( too busy...but I still have about half of what I canned last year left...that means next year I'll be up to my elbows in tomatoes :) ha!!

  9. O Marianne you are not crazy at all, I too grew up in a home of canning, everything from cherries from the trees to hot salsa's !
    I love that you still do this old fashioned thing with canning the things you love.
    I wish I could get out that old zinc in color pressure cooker, the one that would scare off visitors when it was up and perserving, the noise it would make was frightening :) and a sound I miss so.

    Thank you my friend for taking the time out of your business to visit me and that Monster of a transformation (TV unit)
    I treasure your beautiful comment you lfet behind on your way home.

    see you soon and all your creativeness.

  10. Wow, what a job! I'll sure be envying you this winter when you can just pull off the shelf the fruits of your labor.
    Mary Alice

  11. Stewed tomatoes, they look great.
    Have a beautiful sunny day

  12. haha! you are not the only crazy one... i did pickles! We only needed one break in the weather to kcik into high gear lol !
    miss ya

  13. Wow, all your hard work will really pay off during the long winter. Store bought tomatoes and sauce can't come close to the taste of home made. Yum!

  14. No canning for me - but I'm in awe of your industriousness (is that a word?) Everything looks delicious!


  15. Dear Marianne, thank you for stopping by and your kind and generous comment. It is always great to hear from a fellow Canadian and from Ontario as well! You have been busy, but I call that heart work.....the old fashioned ideals and gifts that come from our hands on gardening too! Your canned basil tomatoes look delicious in those will be thrilled to have them this winter! I will be visiting often, N.xo