Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fluffing my camper ~

Happy Sunday everyone ~ As you may know, Mr. Vintage and I have decided to go camping this Labour Day weekend and I have been busy fluffing my camper

We absolutely need fresh vintage bedding.  So comfy ~

A beautiful shabby quilt that will keep us cozy if the weather is chilly at night ~

Vintage pillow cases and sheets are just perfect ~ don't you think?

This looks sooo comfy ;-)

I bought this enamelware match box a while ago.  I use it for napkins. 

Ofcourse, my chippy little chickens are ready to go ~

We'll be on the road this Saturday  and ofcourse, I will take you with me ~  are you ready? 

The biggest thrill is ~

Mr. Vintage had this made for the camper.  I love it~!  Soooooo, if you see us go down the road, just toot toot ~ hello ;-)

What have you been doing today?

Can't wait to hear ~




  1. What a sweet camper!!! I love the name...I hope you have a fabulous time camping.
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  2. Oh fun that your husband put Vintage Gal on the camper! Too fun.
    I miss going camping, we had a camper growing up...camping in the fall is my favorite.

  3. What a comfy and cozy retreat and you've made it extra special with all your creative vintage touches. Have a wonderful trip!!

  4. Your hubby is a sweety for sure making that sign for your camper trailer....that is awesome.
    Looking at your bed in there and all the lovely vintage bedding makes me want to go take a nap now
    GREAT idea with the old matchbox holder !!!

  5. I love your camper ! I want one so bad . I have been saving pins on penterest of campers and their interiors so if I ever do get one I have lots of ideas of how to fix it up . Now if someone would just give me one that they don't want anymore ! LOL

  6. Here's hoping you have a very enjoyable time in your sweet little camper, I love the chenille, roses and checks. Perfect!
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Hello,I love, love that camper! One day I will have one but I will dream for now. Have yourself a great time, Anna

  8. Oh what a sweet man you have. Love all the bedding. Have a wonderful time.

  9. Oh, that looks so cozy, you may not want to come back! What a great surprise for you to see that on the back of the camper!

  10. So perfect! I hope you have a great time over the labor day weekend. We have been preparing for the tropical storm here in SW Florida this weekend. Looks like we will barely be side swiped at this point, but got Monday off from work and school anyway - free day! :)

  11. The camper looks darling! Have a fun time! Hugs, Leena

  12. Your camper looks divine! :D I love it and if I see you around, Ill wave! Your inside looks amazing and SO cozy! :D


  13. I love your little trailer. It looks great and I am so glad you get to get away. I love your sign!

  14. Marianne, your vintage camper looks soooo cute inside!

  15. Well of course the "Vintage Gal" should have her own personalized camper!

  16. How fun!! Love your vintage bedsheets and pillows!! I just found your blog and am your newest follower!!


  17. I love your little home on wheels! You have it fixed up so cute. Enjoy the holiday getaway with your hubby. Blessings, Pamela