Wednesday, March 14, 2012

She's Home ~

Good morning everyone ~ I think Spring has arrived.  We have had sunny days with 65 degrees F.   I so love spring

It is a time of renewal and hope.  A time where everything is waking up and fresh ~

Mr. Vintage surprised me today.   I came home and there she was in all her glory ~  I think you remember Ruby ~

This is a picture of her camping last year ~

Well, I was so darned excited, I swept her out, dusted and washed her down and made the bed... then...

YES, we slept in the camper last night ;-)

Are you in the Spring mood?  How are you enjoying the Springlike weather?

Can't wait to hear.



PS ~ some of you have asked where Marge got my wonderful boots.  Well, she was shopping in Ohio and can't remember the store ~ sorry friends, if she remembers I will let you know ;-)


  1. You slept in the sweet! I know it makes you feel good all over! Enjoy your week! And thanks for the sweet comments on my creations! ♥♥♥

  2. I love Spring, too. We are having a cold snap but I know the warm weather is just around the corner. I love your trailer. Have a nice sunny day. Patty

  3. LoVe the sight of those P*A*N*S*I*E*S and ViNtaGe Trailer!!! - SPRING is on the way!*!*!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  4. Oh your trailer is darling. I love how you slept in there last night. We were in ours last night just for a moment and I am dreaming of our first trip.

  5. I love the spring weather we are having ! I love your trailer shes cute ! Papa and I used to tent camp all the time but now we are in a country village we feel we are camping every day lol ! Love your blog and am now following by Linky and GFC ! Enjoy the weather I know I am! Have a great day !

  6. That trailer is adorable. I love the red she has on her. Plus those chairs are cute, too.

    It was in the 80's here yesterday. We should just be in the 50's this time of year. I certainly hope we don't have as hot of a Summer as last year. But I am sure enjoying the warm weather right now.

    Have a great day

  7. Oh how fun to play house in your cute little camper, did you sleep good?

    Soooooo happy spring is here , was 89 degrees here yesterday and today so far and it's forcasted the 70's for 2 weeks !!!! I am ready to dig in the dirt, flower beds

  8. I want a Ruby trailer, it's so cute and so practical. I need something like that to use when we go to Camp Meeting, unfortunately though, we have nothing to pull it with.
    I love yours though. Also, that wood stove works awfully well as a planter, doesn't it. At least I think it looks like an old wood stove.
    Enjoy your warm spring weather, it's been so nice here. The snow is pretty much gone. YAY!

  9. I love your little trailer! How nice to get an early start to the camping season in your own back yard! And no bugs yet! :) I'm in the spring mood but the weather isn't cooperating yet. The weekend looks promising though. Hugs, Pamela

  10. Spring is definitly in the air here in Texas, it got up to 79 today. Going to put bedding plants into the pots this week-end, hope it is not too soon.

  11. Spring has passed us by I am afraid:( The blooms are fading fast and with temps in the 80s it seems summer is here to stay. I missed your last post.....I love your boots. They are so pretty. Hugs! Bonnie

  12. I love love love your trailer! Reminds me of all our camping in our RV that we no longer have. I'd love to go out camping with the first signs of spring too. Enjoy!

  13. Oh how cute! Spring arrived early here too! :) Though to be honest, I was hoping for a longer winter! :P


  14. What a wonderful way to welcome spring!

  15. Oh! I adore your camper! Lucky you for sleeping in the camper already! I am going to start a series on Canadian bloggers. Would you like to guest post? It's strictly for stress! Let me know! Angie xo

  16. spring is a ways off yet I think where I live...I am surrounded by MUD though. Ohhhhh, it is a hard time of the year for me and will be until we get out yard landscaped.

    Looking at that lovely pansey reminded me of a time when I was teaching a sunday school class, of very young children.
    there was this little song we sang called
    Little Purple Pansies

    (in part) little purple pansies specked with yellow gold
    growing in a corner of my garden old.

    well, this one little boy thought I was saying
    Little Poopy Panties.........I laughed so hard.