Sunday, March 18, 2012

Has it arrived ~?

Happy Sunday my friends ~

Do you think Spring has arrived?

Everything is waking up from their slumber ~ the birds are singing and the trees are popping ~

The crocuses are blooming, the iris are peeking up out of the earth and the tulips are reaching for the sky ~

It has been over 70 degrees for the past week ~ so I decided Spring has arrived.  I have put the chairs back on the porch and Mr. Vintage and I have our special spot where we have coffee every morning ~

Right here ~

How glorious to be outside again ;-)

Sit down, relax and have a cup with me ~ tell me ~ do YOU think Spring has arrived ~

Can't wait to hear about your neighbourhood




  1. I pray this is the real spring on my list of things to do is clean my porch from the winter dust so we can get out there in the last afternoon. I love having coffee outside and enjoying the morning.

  2. Yes it has! When the daffodils, forsthyia and now the redbuds are blooming! My neighborhood is gorgeous with all the old victorian homes and the blooming trees. The coolest is is going to get in the in the 60's it has been in the 80's all week and today is outdoor work!

  3. Spring has arrived! My favourite Season.. I love having the doors and windows open letting in the cool morning air while I listen to the birds returning and singing their sweet song! Spring to me means new life.. plants..birds and nature itself. Take care & enjoy!

  4. I thought spring was close but we got a foot of snow last night! How nice that you have a porch to sit and sip your coffee on. I have always wanted a front porch. Enjoy your spring time weather.


  5. Spring is being oh, so very fickle here in Southern California. The local mountains even got snow this weekend down to 3000 feet. Hardly springtime calling but it will be here soon enough. Your flowers and porches look so inviting. Enjoy your week, Patty

  6. It was definitly spring here this weekend with 13 C yesterday and 19 today. However, it is only going to be about 8 tomorrow :( then warm up again for a few days. I noticed that my crocuses came up today and bloomed. They weren't there yesterday! Your weather sounds wonderful and I love your sweet chairs on the porch. Hugs, Pamela

  7. Hi Marianne...enjoying mild weather too! Love your little porch!
    Spent the day cleaning up our site at our campground. We can't stay until May 1st but it was fun being out and doing yard work!
    Have a wonderful week!!

  8. It has definitely arrived here, Marianne. It has been in the 50's, then the 60's and today is 68 degrees!!! I LOVE it!!! I don't see any blossoms or blooms, but I took my Christmas lights down today. Don't laugh, most of my neighbors haven't yet and they still light them at night. That's just the kind of neighborhood I live in.:)
    Enjoy your coffee outdoors tomorrow morn!
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. If spring hasn't arrived here in Virginia, somebody forgot to tell the flowers - they're popping up and blooming all over the yard! I love the longer days, temps (one day last week it was 80, otherwise 70ish). I am always most thankful for Jan/Feb to end! But at any time I will gladly join you on the porch for (tea) because that looks like a great spot to spend a few minutes in the morning. Enjoy! Mary

  10. Well spring is definitely here in sunny Arizona, although it rained and even hailed here today. Crazy weather we are having. Yesterday it was in the 80s, today in the 50s. I think spring is here though. It should be warming up soon. I love your pictures and love your porch is wonderful.

  11. Yay! I hope it stays like this . Love seeing you having your morning coffee on the porch in the morning!
    Enjoy! Karen

  12. Spring arrived very early in California. The trees bloomed a month ago, and my amaryllis and hyacinth will be blooming any day now. So lovely.

  13. Oh my, spring has not come to my place yet. No matter how many invites I put out there for Mother Nature.
    We are still cold (no 70's around here), windy and I have lots of mud.
    MUD because our place is new here in the country, and we haven't got our landscaping done. Big job ahead of us.
    Also, I have to "bolt" down any lawn furniture on my deck or the wind will blow it away.. I KID YOU NOT.

  14. Yesterday it was snowing and the wind was howling. Today it is supposed to be a high of 65 degrees, but it looks like it might rain again. Longing for spring as I have relapsed from my flu of a couple of weeks ago! Lovely pics of your porch Marianne!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  15. It's so wonderful to see those first real signs of spring, isn't it? Just lovely.

  16. Beautiful photos! Yes, I THOUGHT Spring had arrived here in Winnipeg; warm temps, grass greening up. But now it has turned cold again and they are predicting snow tonight!

    You can never, ever count on an early Spring it seems! I do hope your lovely flowers don't get the cold we are getting...

  17. What a lovely, cheerful porch! I just love the first days of spring. Have a wonderful week!