Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lovely Spring thoughts ~

Good morning my friends ~

It is rainy and gloomy here today in Ontario ~ sigh ~

I thought I would share with you happy spring pictures ~

enjoy ~

Can't wait for my roses to bloom ~

Lavendar smells sooo good ~

Can't wait to glide on this glider with Mr. Vintage ~

Betcha Rosie can't wait for spring ~

Hope you are having a wonderful day ~

Do you have spring like weather where you are?

Please do tell ~  I so need spring ;-)




  1. After a cold couple of days we are back in the 70's today. Very spring like and beautiful. Hope it warms up for you soon. Patty

  2. It is rainy and cold here in Illinois today but yesterday was warm and in the 70's! I noticed when I was home during some actual daylight, that my daffodills are blooming! think I will pick some today. And the magnolia are blooming. Now I am ready for some pansey buying! Hard to believe how much better spirits I am in now. Hope Mr. is feeling better these days.

  3. Good morning Marianne! Oh yes we could use spring here in our part of Kansas as well. What a wonderful post...I love your beautiful embroidered and crocheted dresser scarves etc...just beautiful. Even though it's been a good milder winter in many places this year it's still good to finally realize winter is done for good that year. I thought spring was here after having many days of nice warm albeit windy weather...then the storms rolled in last night and the weather radio belted out warnings and the hail hit and now it's back to cooler temperatures. OH well...nothing we can do about it. I hope your day is a nice warm sunny one. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a was good to 'see' you!
    Maura :)

  4. We too have rain today, but it is much needed; I cannot complain. I am lusting after your glider. Just saying! Its a good book day! Hugs..Bonnie

  5. That glider is lovely! Love your linens hanging on the line as well.
    We have had a wonderfully mild winter and indeed, have many things blooming or just getting ready to take off! Visit yesterday's post on Maple Hill to getcha a fix of spring!

  6. Beautiful pictures. I love love love your glider. What a wonderful color. Your linens on the line are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Blessings to you, Amy

  7. I love your pretty pics! And yes, it is very Spring like here in Florida! I should have been outside today...maybe tomorrow! Hugs! ♥

  8. I'm sorry, dear Marianne, but it is still Winter in Winnipeg. But, it is supposed to be up to 10 deg. C on Saturday, that sounds pretty warm to me.
    Your garden photos look so beautiful, I know you can't wait to enjoy them for another season.
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. Love that glider! Yep, rainy and gloomy today here as well...

  10. Thanks for sharing your spring with us. I love the glider too and your beautiful linens.

  11. No spring time weather here. Lots of snow. In fact, hubby hitched up our horses today, and we went for a sleigh ride in our pastures. Was a beautiful day for it.

  12. Hi Marianne!
    I think so many of us have "spring fever"!
    Its a grey-looking sky here in my part of Ontario too :(
    But the other day we went from a mid-winter snow to a rainy high of 7 degrees fahrenheit the following day! The weather changes so drastically now-a-days!
    But the rain yesterday melted a lot of snow, so I hope spring feels comfortable enough to make herself at home here. :)
    Love your spring thoughts and photos! Perhaps you will beckon her here!
    Happy weekend!!

    Deborah xo

  13. It has been warmer the last couple of days, rain last night, but as long as it is at night! I am so looking forward to sun and lots of flowers blooming and birds singing. Oh while I was writing this the sun started peeking out a bit. Such pretty linens and flowers, like the chicken too!

  14. Marianne, what a beautiful blog you have! Thank you for your visit today!
    Oh, yes! I am also very much ready for nice weather and evenings on the porch! So nice to meet you! I am your new follower!