Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New treasures and soda ~ ?

Hello everyone ~ thank you for sharing all of your thoughts on what is a friend.  I read each and every one of them and they all made me smile ;-), friends ~

I went treasure hunting again (sigh) and you all know how much I LOVE my little treasures ~

Here is my latest little treasure ~

Isn't she sweet?   I picked her up at our local thrift shop. I couldn't resist.  Her little polka dotted crown just lifted my spirits.

Then I stopped at Homesense and couldn't resist this laundry soda. I just LOVE this tin ~ I couldn't resist.  I think it's a treasure too ~

Isn't that what Treasure Hunting is all about?

What Treasures have lifted your spirits lately ~

Can't wait for you to share your treasures with me




  1. Oh, you know how perfectly dotty I am for polka dots! Let's see, what treasure have I found lately. Been awhile since I've been shopping. I love my chippy old window frame. Though I've had it awhile

  2. Love the tin, yes new finds always lift my spirit1

  3. Cute treasures Marianne. I think the laundry soap tin is so adorable.


  4. How cute is your chicken and I have never seen a laundry soda tin, what will you do with it?

  5. A nelly tin how cool lol I have done pretty good treasure hunting lately isnt it fun?

  6. What a cute Chick! Just found your blog what a treat reading it.

  7. Your little chicken is really adorable. I haven't found anything lately when I've been treasure hunting, I can tell you about the things that I left behind and did not buy, no, that just makes me sad.
    Have a beautiful day!!!
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  8. How cool is that tin?!!
    Glad you found something to lift your spirits.
    Hope all is well with you and yours.

  9. You've got some beautiful treasures there. Ever since we moved to Arizona I've had a hard time finding treasures. When we lived in Missouri I had much better luck. You've got some great goodies there.

  10. I love that laundry soap tin and have seen them at Winners on occasion. I guess I haven't been shopping for treasure for a while so I have nothing to share. :( Have a great day! Pamela

  11. ha ha..I have never heard of Laundry SODA. interesting.
    In my area, there are sooo few fun thrift shops, antique stores. Dang.
    at the top...was that a butter dish (that pink one)
    I found a perfect yellow butter dish and was so thrilled...then hubby put it in the micro-wave. It cracked.
    I was sooo disappointed. Things those days were NOT micro-wave safe.
    crazy husband (tee,hee)

  12. Hello Marianne.
    Love the tin!!!!
    How are you? I haven't been visiting anyone for awhile missed reading your blog.
    Hope you are doing well
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  13. That paper towel holder is a-dor-a-ble!! I can see why it makes you happy.

  14. Oh how adorable. What a great way to brighten up the kitchen. I'd be happy with a find like that too!

  15. What a beautiful blog! My 2 year old daughter came running up when she heard your music! I am looking forward to following your blog! I have a saltine cracker tin that makes me happy but I'm not sure it's vintage. It's from 1968 and we still keep our saltines in it! I love that thing!

    Have a great evening!