Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Nappies ~

Happy Saturday everyone ~

This picture is the calendar that Mr. Vintage bought me for Christmas ~ I just love this picture ~ it makes me smile ~

Another thing that makes me smile is when I find vintage napkins.  I LOVE vintage napkins.  Well, the other day I went to our local thrift store and found these ~

And these ~

And these ~

Each set cost $1.00 ~ I was VERY happy.  I also found these vintage tea towels ~

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the crocheted scallop ~

I felt so darned good that I bought myself these ~

It was a very happy nappie day ;-)

What is making you smile today?

Can't wait to hear




  1. Very, very pretty - love the vintage embroidery!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Oh so lovely! I adore hand embroidered teatowels too :))

  3. LOve old napkins too and tablecloths as well. We are currently making a banner out of old handkerchiefs for our Etsy shop. It is so......cute. I want it for myself:) My kids are making me smile today...they re so happy its a long weekend and so am I:)

    Have a great day

  4. oh they are just so happy Marianne!
    What a buy!!
    I love it when we find these pretty little treasures at ur thrift shops...:)
    Happy weekend and come on over to see whats making me smile today!

    Deborah xoxoxo

  5. Oh my I would love the one with the W !
    You did great with your beautiful bargains. It always makes our day!

  6. I love the ones with the crocheted edging! You found some excellent bargains! Lots of sunshine here today...that makes me smile!

  7. Thank you Mariann for your beautiful visit and sharing all that inspires you over here :)

    Love the music, it is taking me back in time Eeeeh! Gads! showing my age :)

    Beautiful weekend to you.

  8. Hey, One of those had a W...emroderied on it. FOR ME????
    those are beautiful.
    you find great things.
    What is making me smile today....good friends coming over for dinner. And football games. (tee,hee)

  9. What lovely treasures you and Mr. V find. You must be in the right place a lot!!! ;0)
    Smiling here knowing that my boy is snugasabug tonight.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Gorgeous tea towels! I've been sewing some towels today, but I won't have that pretty edging. Because I don't know how to do that.

  11. These are lovely! Good thing you got yourself a treat! :)


  12. Cute, cute, cute! :) Love the pic from the sweet.
    I remember my mom doing crocheted edging on handkerchiefs but I never learned or had the patience to learn. I know how to crochet, but not the beautiful edgings like your tea towels.
    Thanks for the smile. Treating oneself to fresh flowers is "a good thing"... as Martha says.

  13. Oh, that picture are look so sweet, so silence, so beautiful :o)

  14. Marianne,
    You do find some of the most beautiful things at your thrift stores. I LOVE everything you showed us today!
    Have a beautiful day, my friend.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  15. So fun! I lOVE it when I find pretties like these for a song. Lucky lady! It's time for me to get out digging in the fleas again!

  16. What yummy finds........I ADORE vintage linens.......and have piles of them, but I still can't stop buying them. I just love how they FEEL. :-)

    Happy New Year!


  17. Oh you lucky gal at a $1 a piece. They are gorgeous. Love pink carnations. One of my favorites.

  18. What pretty vintage linens Marianne. I love to find treasures like these and yours were such a bargain. Your pink flowers are so pretty too. I think we should treat ourselves to flowers often. They sure brighten things up.


  19. PINK! Your pink linens are making us smile today Marianne! Seems like I always gravitate toward sweet little pink napkins and tea towels!

  20. What lovely vintage finds! I think I'm living a parallel life. I too work full time in a law office, have one beautiful daughter (mine is 30), two furbabies (one dog and one cat) and a terrific husband - aren't we blessed? I think I'll follow you - just to see what else we have in common! Thanks for sharing your wonderful life. Blessings, Linda

  21. Love anything with a crocheted edge. Adorable! Mimi