Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thrifting and a surprise ~

I hope everyone has had a good week and I hope you are enjoying your Saturday ;-)

The little retirement community in Harrow had a yard sale and Mr. Vintage and I couldn't resist.  Here are some of my treasures ~
A little hen in a nest ~ I couldn't resist her

 Little vintage mirror, I will find a place for you ~

Two galvanized buckets ~ I bought three, but I gave one to my neighbour ~ she deserves it ;-)

My lemonade box ~ it made me smile ~ and then
This cute hat box. But, when I opened it ~ WOW ~!

Two vintage hats were inside.  The lady that sold it to me told me that it was a "special hat box".  I didn't open it right there, but now I know what she meant.  What a sweet lady.  There are still many wonderful people in this world.  How blessed we are when one crosses our path.  I will always remember her smile as she told me to enjoy the hat box. THANK YOU sweet one.

I hope you have a fabulous day ~ Did you go thrifting today?

I can hardly wait for you to tell me




  1. Oh love your treasures Marianne!
    They are all so beautiful!!
    Love the flowers and music too...just lovely!
    I went garage sale-ing today too and had a great time!
    Have a great weekend xo

    Deborah xoxo

  2. Wow - what great finds! Love the white chicken!

  3. OH MY! the hat box is amazing! HATS! WOW! Will you model them for us? You'll need a 'new' vintage dress I think! And I thought the hen was the best find! I went to a book I wish I had gone to the Thrift store! heehee! ♥

  4. Oh you did great..I would of bought every item you did!! Love the mirror!

  5. Score!! Those are probably the best yard sales to go to as the older folks have all the good old stuff we love.

  6. All fabulous finds! I really love the milk glass nesting hen. Happy Saturday!

  7. Nice finds today Marianne. Love the hats in the hat box and the mirror. I love mirrors! Not that I am vain. I just love how they reflect the light. ;-) Pamela

  8. Love the hat box and what a great bonus also have a thing for mirrors great hunting there xx

  9. hit the jackpot today! What a generous lady! Glad you had such a nice day!

  10. What a treat! Those hats are so fun. And I love those nesting hens. (I collect them.)

  11. Beautiful foxglove and great finds. Have you had any time to work on your vintage camper?

  12. Oh Marianne, what a lovely surprise in your hat box! How sweet of her!
    I didn't get to go thrifting this weekend! :( We had our own garage sale instead. :P But it turned out great-a lot of work but great!
    Thanks for sharing you wonderful goodies with us.
    I had a chicken like that except she was red and I ended up getting rid of her and now...I so regret it!
    hugs to you,

  13. I was reading this thinking I'd missed out on a real fab sale - Harrow being just up the road to me. Then I realised you are in Canada and I'm in the UK, so chances are it wasn't the same place! Great treasures. I think I like the lemonade box best. xx

  14. So many fun the story about the hat box, too cute :) Laurel

  15. Fun finds!! We DID go Friday and found a van load of junk's on our Facebook page if you'd like to take a gander :)
    It felt sooo good to get out and get lots of finds!

  16. It has been on my list of things to do but as of yet, I haven't done it yet. I really love all of your finds. They are great. I love the finds you found in the hatbox. I love hats too.