Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy Spring~!

Happy Spring my friends ~

It has been a while since I last posted.  Mr. Vintage and I have been very busy redoing the kitchen.  I will be able to share that with you soon ~

Mr. Vintage and I took a break from renovations and attended an Estate sale yesterday.  Well, I brought home this sweet little chair for my living room ~

I just love this little chair and it fits right in ;-)

I also bought a little cabinet for the kitchen, but I will show that to you later ~

Here's a sneak peek at the kitchen ~

I didn't show you much ~ you'll have to come back and visit to see the kitchen ~

We did pick up a wonderful old school house light fixture for the kitchen.  It came from St. Mary's Academy which was torn down years ago ~ I just fell in love with it.

Now, for the big mess in the family room ~

Here it is ~

Oh my ~

I have always hated the color of this room and the boarder is horrible.  But, every time I tried to start the room I just couldn't do it.  I think I felt overwhelmed.  Well, since we are redoing just about every room in the house and since it is still cold here.  I am getting it done before the nice weather comes. 

So today, I am stripping the boarder off the walls and I have Monday and Tuesday off work.  I will be painting the ceiling and patching holes in the walls.  Swiss cheese walls ~

What are you doing today?  Have you attended any Estate Sales lately?  Have you found any treasures?

Once we have the light fixture installed in the kitchen, I will share with you our new kitchen ~  I love it~!





  1. What fun ! And I love those chickens. How nice to have a place to display them where you can enjoy looking at them!

  2. I have done nothing except complain about the cold and snow.

  3. Good morning Marianne
    I can't wait to see your kitchen renos! What a sweet chair you found... I have two similar in our tv room. Have a great Sunday!

  4. Your new chair is really lovely, Marianne. I can't wait to see your kitchen makeover! This is a great time of the year for doing indoor renovations. Can't wait to see your family room done too. You two are on a roll. Have fun!

  5. How exciting to be redoing the kitchen! I can't wait to see what it looks like!

    The chair is lovely and I just wonder what the conversations of the past were in it.
    Enjoy your days off!

  6. You're really been busy! Can't wait to see your kitchen. Are those lilacs from your yard?

  7. What a perfect chair for your home and I love the pillow, too. Your chickens and roosters look grand. I know you're happy to get things changed the way you want them. I sure took a lot of wallpaper and borders down in this house! You'll be so happy when it's done! Sweet hugs, Diane

  8. I just can't wait to see your kitchen redo, Marianne! I like the sneak peak and look forward to seeing the rest! Sounds like you will keep busy...on to the next room :) Blessings, Cindy