Sunday, October 19, 2014

I'm back ~

Hello my friends ~ I am back.

It's been a long time ~

I can hardly wait to catch up with all of you.  The summer is now gone.  Camping is now done and I have so much to tell you.  But for now ~  

I'll leave you with a few images.  I did manage to collect a few more pieces of my beloved iron stone ~

Just love the  simplicity of it.  Mr. Vintage and I are trying to live a more simple life.  

This summer has been a very stressful time for me, but I have come through it, and now I am hopefully back for good.

I will share with you soon ~

For now, I count my blessings each and every day ~

Yes,  I still am an avid collector of plates and pretties ~

I've just learned to relax a bit more.

See you soon ~




  1. Welcome back, you have been MISSED. Sending you blessings, looking forward to seeing your found treasures.

  2. so glad to see you back. Your ironstone is so pretty

  3. Good to see that you are back!

  4. I was thinking about you today and here you are! Good to have you back. I am working at simplifying as well. (Isn't that an oxymoron...working...simplify) Blessings, Diane

  5. Welcome back. Love all your pictures esp. the last one. Does your sofa have letters on it. It looks lie it on my screen.

    1. Hi Debby, yes my sofa and chair have letters on it. Love this fabric

  6. So glad you are back. I'm sure you're stronger for the journey. Love your sitting room, so cozy! Continued blessings...

  7. Hi Marianne,
    I'm so glad to see that you are back and am really looking forward to seeing more of your vintage finds over the next few months. We did a lot of camping this summer will be fun to compare notes sometime. It will be good to hear from you more often now. Have a great week,

  8. What pretties in your pictures! Love the dishes, knobs, cookie cutters and cute jello molds!! Your sitting room looks so cozy too!! :) Have a lovely week! xo Holly

  9. Marianne, It's good to see you are back! I hope your stress filled summer gives over to a beautifully blessed fall! I look forward to reading all about your camping fun and seeing your found treasures! Blessings, Cindy

  10. Welcome back Marianne. It's good to see you here again. I hope you are well and will look forward to seeing more of your vintage finds. You have some sweet ironstone and other things. Blessings, Pam

  11. So glad to see you back. you have been thought of warmly. I am sorry the summer was stressful. Hopefully your entering a happy holiday period!