Saturday, April 26, 2014

A new couch and chair ~

Hello my friends ~ it is a beautiful day today.  I have waited so long to do this ~ laundry on the line ;-)

The fairies are loving this weather and things are starting to pop ~

I have been looking for a new couch for my living room for quite a while.  I wanted an Ikea Ektorp couch, but Mr. Vintage was not crazy for it ~ so I continued the search.

Well, today was my lucky day.  I found a couch and chair on Kijiji and it is perfect ~

Here is the chair ~

Here is part of the couch ~ the material is wonderful and they just fit in perfectly ~ Even Mr. Vintage likes it ~ It is an antique couch which was totally redone.  I love the material ~

I am very happy now.  Love this look ~ It was really funny, but the lady I purchased these from was one of my daughter's primary school teachers ~ It's such a small world

Even Chico loves the couch ~ he can look out the window from the arm of the couch ~

I'm very happy with the look.

Have you found anything that you absolutely love lately?

Do tell




  1. Your little fairies are so sweet and Chico reminds me of a dog I had years ago! They are so energetic and alert! Love your new furniture. You can change it up with throws and pillows and it will be perfect for years to come! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  2. How lovely your new couch and chair are! We have the Ektorp and I must say, I love it but my husband very rarely sits on it...he sticks to his thrift store recliner:)

  3. Love the couch and chair. I want an Ektorp couch also and while I bought a new one not long ago I think I would still love to sell mine and buy the Ektorp.

  4. Lucky you to find the perfect couch and chair that looks perfect in your living room and Chico loves it too. Enjoy!

    xo Danielle

  5. I love your new couch and chair! The fabric is so fun and the shape of the couch's back is really different and perfect! Glad you were able to find what you wanted and will love having in your home (and with the Chico seal of approval) ;) Hugs, Leena

  6. I like it!
    It looks so cottagey in your room. I hope you enjoy them...and your hubby too!

  7. It looks like it fits in perfectly. Sometimes it sure pays to wait for just the right piece(s). Blessings, Cindy

  8. Love them! Such a sweet pup, great picture!

  9. OOOOH. Love your living space! Wow! I wish I could pick it up and put it here. I am your newest follower. Drop by and see me sometime.

  10. LOVE your new couch and chair!