Sunday, November 24, 2013

Extending myself ?

Hello my friends ~

Am I extending myself?

I went to my hair salon the other day and my hair dresser asked me.  Would you be willing to be a model?

A model?  Really?  Me? Are you kidding?

Yes Mommy ~ you are a model and beautiful to me ~ thank you Chico :-)

I have always had long hair until about ten years ago.  Here is a sketch of me that was done when I was 31 ~  a long time ago

This was done in Detroit.  A young man on the corner was doing chalk sketches and asked me if I would sit for him.  I agreed ~

This has been in the basement for many years (20) or so ~ how time flies ~, then as I said my hair dresser decided I needed a new look (again guinea pig)

Mr. V. thinks I am gorgeous ~ Yes, my friends ~ hair extensions ~  I think oh well, you live once.

I HATE taking my own picture in the mirror, but alas, Mr. V. does not know how to work the camera~ but he does love my new look ~  He tells me every day how young and wonderful I look ~ sigh ~ should have been a guinea pig a long time ago ;-)

I am feeling quite beautiful right now ~ thank you Mr. Vintage 

Have you done anything to make yourself feel wonderful?

PLEASE share with me ~ 




  1. You look fabulous! And I love your hair blonde took 10 years off. Now I think I will go get mine cut and highlighted!

  2. Oh I love it! You look so fabulous!!! Our hair is about the same length now. We really are sisters. Is your nose a little bit turned up? Because in the sketch it is but I can't tell in the photo because of the angle. Mine is a little bit turned up. Everyone in my family has a perfectly straight nose except for me. Could never figure out where I got it until I saw a pic of my Great Aunt Twila. I inherited her nose. I wonder if there was a distant relative in your family names Twila. If so, we are really related. Love your new look!

    Big, Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

    1. Susan ~ I am chuckling right now. Yes, my nose is turned up and I am the only one in the family with my nose except my Aunt Wilma. Not Twila but Wilma ~ too funny ;-)

  3. I don't do selfies well. I'm terrible at posing and holding the angle of the camera right.
    Let's see anything for myself lately... I had long hair and a couple of weeks ago... I went in the bathroom and whacked it off. For the most part I like it... I think it makes me look younger. But then some days... I still wake up and wonder, who has stolen my identity!
    The Honey tells me I'm beautiful--everyday. He is so sweet.
    Your hair looks pretty and you look great. A nice hair cut can do the trick can't it?

    1. Thank you ~ a new hair cut can do wonders for the soul ;-)

  4. You look beautiful in the picture with the beautiful hair. The hen doll looks pretty.

  5. You look fabulous! How fun to try something new! Enjoy Mr. V!

  6. You look beautiful! And I am partial to blonde hair! I have to colour of course, but I'm going to try to keep looking as young as I can for as long as I can!

  7. Marianne, you look so pretty with your hair longer. Who would think hair extensions would change one's look so much. You have a beautiful smile. I'm still grey haired and sometimes think I should get some nice colour and highlights in my hair but then I remember all the grey roots showing every 3 or 4 weeks and change my mind. LOL My hairdresser loves my hair colour and almost refuses to colour it! My husband thinks I'm beautiful and cute and that makes me feel great. :) That's what's important.