Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas inspiration ~

Hello my friends.  It is really getting close to Christmas ~

I want to wish all of my American Friends ~ Happy Thanksgiving~

I have been itching to decorate for Christmas ~ I don't know why.  Usually, I don't do anything until after the American Thanksgiving, but ~ oh what the heck ~

I started with ~ winter decorations ;-)  The holly and evergreens came from the back yard ~

Just a few things ~

Besides, everyone needs, skis and a sled and a bucket of big pine cones on their front porch ;-)

I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg for me ~

Have you been busy decorating?

I am sure most of you are busy baking, cooking and getting ready for Thanksgiving ~ ohhhhh I can smell all of the wonderful aromas from each and every household ~ yum

I will be on the look out for all of the wonderful recipes ~





  1. Thank you for the well wishes.
    Your decorations look so wonderful. Oh to have holly and evergreen that you can just go out and pick! You are so fortunate!! I can't wait to see the rest when you are done!!

  2. I am not hosting Thanksgiving so I have started decorating. I am tired of the color of orange. I will probably decorate less this year as I have been doing the past couple years. Smaller trees, less clutter. Your porch looks nice. That is one area that will wait until after Thanksgiving.

  3. I love your touches of Christmas. The old things by the front door are great. I wish I had a covered porch so I could do that too. I have the skis and a sled but don't want them in the bad weather. Your silver set looks sweet. Have a great week!

  4. Nice to see that you have started your work for Christmas. We are yet to start...

  5. Oh, I love your skates on the old sled. I have some this year but not sure how I will display them. I've started decorating and having fun! I'll do all of my cooking tomorrow! Enjoy your week! Sweet hugs!

  6. Morning, love the porch display, so charming....Yes, Christmas music playing while decorating, Fa La La La La, Francine.

  7. I really like what you've done with the skis and sled, I'm trying to figure out how to use my skis...I don't have a porch unfortunately, only steps that have a small platform at the top. I love what you've done already though, it looks great!

  8. I found out yesterday I have Friday off, so that gives me a 6 day weekend! No excuses not to decorate. Oh I love your porch.....I have my Dad's sled I put out every year. Wish my neighbors did not cut down their holly tree.