Friday, May 18, 2012

Did you miss me?

Did you miss my Mommy?  She has been busy taking care of things..... I have missed you ~

I am sure you didn't miss the chickens ~ cause they're just chickens ~

I betcha missed Mommy's gardens ~ she loves gardens ~ I like to walk through them, but she doesn't like it so much

Scooter misses everyone too ~ but she doesn't show it much

Mommy says ~ just smile even though it's  a rough road ~ I think I'll take a nap ~

I hope everyone is doing well ~ 

Mommy says, sometimes our problems weigh on ourselves ~ I don't know what that means, but ~

I hope everyone has a good Victoria Day weekend ~ what are you doing?

Please tell me,  I am listening ~ Mommy's busy with stuff, but she'll be back soon as good as new


to all of you, Mommy misses you xo


  1. Cute post and photos . I figured you were busy and thats why we haven't seen a post life gets like that doesnt it. This weekend I am going to my fave garden centre to get my flowers for my gardens and planters , they have a big sale for the long weekend. Hope you have a lovely long weekend !

  2. Sending warm thoughts. Bonnie

  3. I hope everything is okay. Yes, you are missed but sometimes life has a way of sidelining us for a while. We will be here when you get back. Patty

  4. Dear Chessie, Thank you for the wonderful update. Please tell your mommy that yes, she is missed and that I hope everything is going well. I am looking forward to her posting more! I reallyh enjoyed your post and pictures! Take good care of your mommy, I know you will! I am in the US so I don't have a long weekend, but I have plenty to do between yard sales to attend, yard work to do, projects to work on - there's always a long list! Take care and Hugs, Leena

  5. Hope all is well. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  6. I sure do hope Mommy is okay. Tell her I've missed her and tell her I've been gardening and enjoying the beautiful weekend weather we're having down here. I hope you are having a good weekend too. Hugs. Pamela

  7. Oh sweet Chessie ~ you are such a darling dog. You have the kindest face and sweetest eyes. You are completely precious. You take good care of your Mommy because she is my dear friend. That's a good dog. I'm sending you a kiss.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  8. Hope you'll be up and about in no time...

  9. Sending you hugs and good thoughts Marianne. Hope you are ok. Miss you.


  10. Dear Chessie....
    that's what mommy's DO, they take care of things.
    Try not to bother the chickens and mess up "mommy's" gardens.
    You look pretty comfy as mommy is busy taking care of allll she needs to.
    I will be glad to hear from her soon.
    Try not to bring mud into the house ok.

  11. Please tell mommy hello for are sweet!

  12. Hope things are OK and that you're soon back..Sweet pictures..lovely music..

  13. Tell Mommy, yes we miss her! But will be here when she feels like getting back.

  14. Sweet post...and I love those kitchen scales. I have been eying some at a little shop near my house but can't think where to display them. I love the way you have them displayed. Guess I'll have to go buy them :) Hope you'll come visit me. Have a great week!