Saturday, October 1, 2011

damp and cold ~

Hello friends ~ I have missed you soo much.  Mr. Vintage has completed all of his tests and now surgery is scheduled for November 25.  Hopefully, all will go well.

It is so cold and damp today.  What do you do when it's cold and damp?

Make your own sunshine

A nice hot cup of coffee

Add some yummy oatmeal apple muffins on a Sunny Plate

Would you like a cup?

Mommy, can I have a cup too? and a blanket?

I wish the sun would shine ~

Hey look Mommy, the sun is coming out ~ yeah!

Now that Mindy is settled and we have our cup of coffee and a muffin ~ tell me, what have you been up to. 


Marianne & Mindy



  1. I'm having a giveaway. I hope you'll check it out. I love that you served coffee in vintage cups...what could be better! I'm praying that surgery will go well for Mr. Vintage!!!

  2. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. The muffins look yummy!

  3. That coffee makes me feel cozy!

    Blessings to you and Mr. V. I know all will go well.

    I planted my lettuce seeds this evening! I hope we get lots of green stuff growing soon!

    Enjoy your weekend. Sleep tight.

  4. I hope everything goes well with his surgery! I know it's hard to wait for so long, too! I'll keep him in my prayers! We went to a Peanut Festival today and I will post pics soon! I'm too tired tonight! lol Tired...but happy! Hugs! ♥

  5. Ps I just don't have a wire chicken basket do you? heeheehee!!! ♥

  6. I'm wishing all the best for you and your husband. The muffins look yummy, but I'll have tea with mine, please!

  7. all you need now is a GOOD book to go with your hot coffee and muffins.
    our temps. are dropping fast too.
    oh ick, winter will be upon us soon in my neck of the woods.

  8. Your photo of the lily-of-the-valley is wonderful -- the coffee and muffins look so too. Praying all goes well with your husband.


  9. I tried to leave a comment yesterday and it disappeared so I'm trying again today. I have been enjoying the beautiful sunshine while you've had rain. However, we now have your rain and it is really cold. Love your photos of the vintage dishes and linens. I think I need a cup of tea. brrrrr!

  10. Your coffee and muffins look great. We are still needing rain here. I love the dreary days. We seldom have them and it makes it feel more like winter here. Which is only like 2 days. (giggles)

  11. I would love to share a cup of coffee with you. I am keeping you and your dear hubby in my prayers.

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley

  12. I am jealous of your cool temps. Prayers and blessings for your hubby to have a very smooth surgery.