Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I'm thinking of changing my blog header (I know you are NOT suppposed to, but...)  and I need your help ~ please be honest ~ I know you will honest with me, I need your opinion ~
I am thinking of something like this

What do YOU think....

Please let me know.

I love my original one, ...maybe I'm just having a moment.




  1. I love both but I think I like your original one better. It has a nice vintage feel.

  2. I guess I didn't get the "memo" that says you're not supposed to change it up! I do all the time. Perhaps I'm confusing my readers? I like changing mine according to the season. I try to keep it consistent by leaving the name of the blog in the same spot and I usually stay with the same typeface, just because I like it.

    Your blog is so much fun! I think you should do what you want!

  3. Oh you can change it all you want. Some change theirs every week or season.
    If you are unsure and really love yours don't change it! I didn't change mine till almost a year.
    I like what you have!

  4. I'm with Karen...what memo...I have changed mine more than several times...change away, we'll catch up. We all like new pictures...I think it is lovely the way it is, and if you are happy with it, or whatever you change it own is yours.

  5. You can always change back! I like the lavender and it will be pretty for Spring! ♥

  6. I like the one you have right now because of the vintage colors, but you can change it to whatever you feel best shows what you're blog is about.

    BTW, I'm your newest follower. I've seen you commenting on some of the same blogs I hang out at! And I love vintage.

  7. Why aren't we supposed to change the headers? I haven't heard that before. I like to change it up and I like your new one, nice and springy!
    I say go for it, you can always change it!

  8. I think you should ....I adore the new one..though your old one is wonderful too.

    Hugs. xoxo

  9. I like them both, and you could certainly switch them if you like. For some reason the new one doesn't show up as well as the old one on my computer.
    Vintage Gal seems to blend with the white a bit. It could be my computer though. Both are nice.

  10. I think a little change every now and then is good!I love the lavender one- but both are pretty!

    Take care,

  11. I say definitely go with the lavender header! I changed my background a while back and had so much trouble with it overlapping my linkwithin. So yes, it can cause problems sometimes but you should be ok with just the header:)

  12. I love them all I don't change mine from being pure lazy.

  13. Hello,
    I read the above comments before responding - happy to be in the majority - I have changed mine with each month this year - when I started I kept the same one - I think the header expresses where our hearts are and gives readers a bit of you - The lavender header does have the vintage feel and a bit more... opens your horizons!
    I think what most people caution is when changing anything in the template - always take the time to save your template before making changes - in case something doesn't work.
    They give you that option - it is in HTML mode
    Will check back soon to see what you decide :D

  14. I change header and background every couple weeks.... Spending many years with a shoppe I know you have to keep things fresh and move it around to hold interest... Go for it... You can save your other to use it again at some other time....

  15. I love the new header too! It looks really pretty for springtime with the whites and lavender.


  16. They both have something sparkling. Personally I love the color of blue, this color always catches my eye. But that is something totally personal off course. Good luck, I am looking forward to your decision ^_^