Sunday, March 22, 2015

April Fools is coming ~

Hello ~ 

I have been busy packing.  Our closing is coming up soon~!

April 1st we will get our new forever home.  For now, I just wanted to show you the outside pictures of  our new home

It is definitely a farm house.  I am in love ~ sigh ~

There is going to be some work to be done.  But I'm up for the challenge ~

I can hardly wait to sit on this front porch with Mr. Vintage on a hot summer night and sip sweet tea ~

I also love the ginger breading.  The detail of the front porch is amazing.

The gardens will definitely have to be done.

Well,  now you know where I have been. Busy packing and getting ready to move

Hope you are all healthy and happy. 

Catch up with you soon





  1. How exciting Marianne! I can't wait to see inside your lovely new home... Enjoy your week!

  2. Oh's charming! Congratulations, what a beauty!

  3. Hi Marianne, I can't wait to see what you do with your new house. I love the beautiful veranda with all it's pretty gingerbread trimming and the posts. I'm sure you will have a fun time decorating it and I can't wait to see the inside once you're settled. All the best to you! I hope spring weather comes soon.

  4. Your soon to be new home is wonderful! I love the style and architecture of it, and the fact that it is a farm home and not a cookie cutter like I live in! Can't wait to read all about what you do after moving in and seeing more pics! Congrats! Hugs, Leena

  5. Your new home is very pretty! I can't wait to see how you change it and make it uniquely yours. I am so happy for you and your Mr. Congratulations on your Forever Home. Hugs, Cindy