Monday, February 16, 2015

Whew ~!

Well, here we go again, snow, snow, and more snow ~

Mr. Vintage and I decided we need to at least start packing.

With the below zero temps, we did not want to venture outside ~

So we started packing.  Funny though ~ Mr. Vintage told me before we started packing~"Honey, you need to weed out your collection of dishes..."

Oh my, this is going to be traumatic to me.  I love my pretty dishes so ~

Well, once we started packing, Mr. Vintage said "Well, maybe we should just pack everything and then make a decision once we are in our new home..."  

Gotta love that man ;-)

We did get a lot accomplished.  Two cabinets are now bare ~ completely empty

We are hoping to get the keys to our new home soon.  Then we can get in there and start cleaning and painting before we take our possession of our new home.

Mr. Vintage found this for me.  Do you know what it is?  I thought it was just so interesting ~ a work of art. (I thought we were supposed to weed out our collections? hmmmm)

I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy.  Hope you have a wonderful day~!




  1. Sometimes weeding out means making more room for new treasures! Good idea to decide after you move, since you don't know for sure what will look best yet. Anxious to see the transformation!

  2. Glad the weather is cooperating so that you can get some packing done! ;0) Looking forward to seeing your new nest. Stay toasty!

  3. Is that the insides of a clock. It looks like hands on it.
    I want to move. We are hoping to downsize if we can just sell our house.
    It's really cold here too.
    Stay warm.