Monday, July 29, 2013

for the Love of a Bowl

Hello my friends ~ How have you been?

We have been doing well ~ I have been on a quest for the last little while for a wooden bowl for my farmhouse kitchen ~

I posted about it here

While in Aberfoyle, I looked high and I looked low and I could NOT find a wooden bowl to put on my farmhouse table.  Well, I just about gave up and then to my complete surprise ~

I found one ;-)

I love the markings on this bowl ~

and I love the look on my farmhouse table.  Well, now, can you guess where I found this bowl?

Ahem,  my friends, I found this bowl in my own kitchen cupboard.  Well, now I know it is time to clean out the kitchen cupboards to see what other treasures are in there.

No wonder I could not find a wooden bowl.  The good Lord knew I already had one ;-)

Have you ever found what you were looking for in your own home?

Please tell me I'm not the only one ~

I can hardly wait to hear all of your stories ~




  1. That's a riot! Best place to shop is close to home...;0D

  2. How lovely ! I do like your kitchen table to ! I have seen bowls like that at our antique shop we go to every now and then if I had only realized you were looking for one I would of picked one up for you and shipped it over ! Glad you found one though ! Thanks for sharing ! Cooler temps today and over this past weekend ! Have a good week !

  3. No telling what I would find if I clean out my cabinets! Such a pretty bowl and it does go perfectly with your glad you found it!

  4. Oh ya, happens to me all the time.....Love the wooden bowl, one of my favorite collectible s.....looks great on the table, Blessings Francine.

  5. It's perfect...and conveniently located! heehee! I just emptied my tea cup shelf and it felt so nice to get them all out and see what I had! I have too much stuff stashed away. I've always wanted a big dough bowl. Will you look in your cabinet and see if you have one! lol! HAVE FUN!

  6. Ps I love the beautiful grain of wood in your bowl and those gorgeous petunias!

  7. Well, at least the price was right. I'm known for buying the same sewing notions twice. My good friend Sharon is always pleased when I do as she is the recipient of one.

  8. You sound like me! I could have my own vintage hunt in my house and find something and say " I forgot I had that!?"
    So glad to see a post from you! Glad things are well

  9. Hi Marianne~

    I love your wooden bowl and I also think it looks lovely on your farmhouse table! {Your table is gorgeous!} I smiled when you said you found it in your own cupboard, because of course that has happened to me, too, in my own home. :) I have "found" all sorts of treasures~ fabric, candles, even furniture in the storage section of our garage I forgot I had!

    But isn't it wonderful? You found the perfect bowl at the perfect price! {free!}

    I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday!